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SAN BARTOLO Returns to La Plaza This Month

The performance is set for January 13.

SAN BARTOLO Returns to La Plaza This Month

This January 13th returns to La Plaza "San Bartolo": an urgent story based on real facts. Written and directed by Alejandro Clavier and Claudia Tangoa. Nominated for the Lights Awards 2018.

There was something disturbing about this young group.

They lived in San Bartolo, in the training premises of the new members of the Sodalicio of Christian Life. What was going on in there? No one knew for a certain science until, years later, they started talking.

This montage, which mixes real documents and testimonies about the Sodalicio, part of the interest to understand the relationship between power and faith through the history of two teenagers who, at different times, meet this questioned or Peruvian organization.

Seduced by the idea of changing the world, they were willing to leave behind their family, their identity and their body.

Cast: Italo Maldonado, Juan Carlos Pastor Diego Pérez Chirinos, Claret Quea, Vasco Rodriguez and Nicolás Valdez.

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