Now Playing Onstage in Wichita - Week of 7/27/2014
by BWW - Jul 27, 2014

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YHS Press Announces 'The Mountain Resort' by Bruce Allsman
by BWW News Desk - Feb 13, 2014

YHS Press is pleased to announce the release of this new e-book by Bruce Allsman: The Mountain Resort. This e-book is sold exclusively through the Amazon Kindle at an introductory offer price of $1.29. Description of e-book When their RV was stranded on a lonely mountain road, Jasmine and Henry Waters were relieved when a tow truck arrived to tow their RV to a nearby mountain resort. Forced to stay while their RV was being repaired, they were drawn into the mystery of a family's disappearance, a family of three that had checked in on the same day with them. With persistent efforts, they managed to unravel the mystery, revealing something terrible, unspeakable. This novelette (of approximately 15,000 words) explores and reveals the primal emotions of fear that arises within ordinary people where reason and caution succumbs to their fight or flight response, often resulting in disastrous consequences. To download this e-book to your Kindle, visit: Contact Information YHS Press Contact Information YHS Press Bruce Yeoh +60125357595 (more...)