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BWW Review: The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis's Brilliant THE CURIOUS INCIDENT OF THE DOG IN THE NIGHT-TIMEBWW Review: The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis's Brilliant THE CURIOUS INCIDENT OF THE DOG IN THE NIGHT-TIME
by Chris Gibson - Sep 25, 2017

The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis opens their season with an amazing bit of brilliance called THE CURIOUS INCIDENT OF THE DOG IN THE NIGHT-TIME, adapted from the novel by Mark Haddon by playwright Simon Stephens. It's a story filled with marvelous touches that plunges you into a world filtered through the view of a fifteen year old boy who is dealing with what we might perceive as a kind of autism, with aspects of Asperger syndrome, among other personality traits. In fact, it's never truly specified as such. But the story itself is really a mystery, and one that, when solved, only produces further inquiry. It's a superbly acted, imaginatively staged tale, that will engage, stun, and delight you. It's a must-see experience on every level! (more...)

BWW Review: Kevin Spacey Aces CLARENCE DARROW at Arthur Ashe Stadium
by Michael Dale - Jun 18, 2017

Ask any New York Mets fan and they'll tell you that one of the unique quirks about watching a game at the teams' Flushing home - be it the now-demolished Shea Stadium or the current Citi Field - is the frequent rumbling of planes coming in and out of LaGuardia airport. (more...)

Second Generation Theatre Presents Regional Premiere of THE LIGHT IN THE PIAZZA
by BWW News Desk - May 15, 2017

Second Generation Theatre presents the regional premiere of "THE LIGHT IN THE PIAZZA" at the Lancaster Opera House  June 2-18th. (more...)

BWW Recommends ART: It's Good for Ya!
by Larry O'Brien - Apr 25, 2017

'ART' has come to Rhode Island in a very entertaing production. Hey, what is art, and why are your friends your friends? (more...)

Photo Flash: First Look at ART at 2nd Story Theatre
by BWW News Desk - Apr 21, 2017

Art by Yasmina Reza is running tonight, April 21, through May 21 at 2nd Story Theatre. BroadwayWorld has a first look at the cast in action below! (more...)

by Larry O'Brien - Jan 18, 2017

SEASCAPE, Edward Albee's 1975 Pulitzer Prize-winning comic-drama is getting a very entertaining production at Warren's 2nd Story Theatre. SEASCAPE is a quirky, compelling examination of the meaning of life, how we got, and where we go, from here. On a deserted beach, an older couple (Ed Shea and Susan Bowen Powers) encounters two humanesque sea creatures (Valerie Westgate and Charles Lafond) contemplating the evolutionary leap to dry land. Ironically, it's the human couple, for whom existence has grown flat and routine, who holds the answers to the inquisitive amphibians' naive yet probing questions, which in turn helps the humans answer their own. If I have neglected to say so thus far, this thing is hilarious. (more...)

Photo Flash: First Look at SEASCAPE at 2nd Story Theatre
by BWW News Desk - Jan 12, 2017

Seascape by Edward Albee is running January 13 - February 5, 2017 at 2nd Story Theatre. BroadwayWorld has a first look at the cast in action below! (more...)

SHEAR MADNESS Celebrates the Holidays and Helps the Less Fortunate
by BWW News Desk - Dec 22, 2016

The cast of SHEAR MADNESS joined the Off-Broadway League in recognizing the needs of the less fortunate this holiday season - particularly imperiled children - and collected toys and games for the OFF BROADWAY TOY DRIVE. (more...)

BWW Review: Love PRELUDE TO A KISS at 2nd Story Theatre
by Larry O'Brien - Nov 25, 2016

With PRELUDE TO A KISS, the current offering at 2nd Story Theatre in Warren, RI, playwright Craig Lucas came up with a realistically magical take on the Hollywood formula, boy-meets-girl, boy-loses-girl, boy-gets-girl back. Apparently this theme predates even Hollywood: on the way home from the theater I listened to Monteverdi's seventeenth century opera, L'Orfeo, based on the even older story of Orpheus, in which boy-meets-girl, boy-loses-girl, but oops. In this PRELUDE TO A KISS, which 2nd Story bills as a modern day fairy tale, elderly 'wedding crasher' (F. William Oakes) kisses the bride, Rita, (Lara Hakeem) and their souls exchange, which turns a perfect wedding into a white-knuckled flight of doubt and regret. All this leaves the brave but bewildered groom, Peter, (David Sackel) to reverse the curse armed only with the power of love and, eventually, the assistance of the persona-switched bride and crasher. Got all that? (more...)

Second Generation Theatre Finds Permanent Home In Historic South Buffalo Shea's Seneca Building
by BWW News Desk - Nov 8, 2016

Schneider Development announced its plans to overhaul the currently vacant and underutilized Shea's Seneca property located at 2178 Seneca Street at the intersection of Cazenovia Street. (more...)

by Larry O'Brien - Oct 28, 2016

First of all, I was supposed to write a review last month of Charles Morey's adaptation THE LADIES MAN by Georges Feydeau. Unfortunately, the elevator was out of service and, since I get around in a wheelchair, so was I. I finally got to see it the night it closed; It was the night of the full Hunter's Moon, and Warren was hopping-every restaurant we passed was packed. My wife and I had a light dinner around the corner from the theater at the Square Peg. The joint was jumping and deservedly so. Then it was on to THE LADIES MAN, and it was a hoot; Ed Shea was hilarious; the whole production rocked. I still laugh once in a while at some of the goings on. (more...)

Reduced Shakespeare's THE COMPLETE HISTORY OF AMERICA (ABRIDGED) Set for Wharton Center
by BWW News Desk - Sep 28, 2016

Just in time for the election, the REDUCED SHAKESPEARE COMPANY returns with a new show featuring 600 years of history in 6,000 seconds! (more...)

Photo Flash: First Look at 2nd Story Theatre's THE LADIES MAN
by BWW News Desk - Sep 22, 2016

THE LADIES MAN by Charles Morey, translated and adapted from Talleur Pour Dames by Georges Feydeau, will run September 23 - October 16 at UpStage at 2nd Story Theatre. BroadwayWorld has a first look at the cast in action below! (more...)

Reduced Shakespeare's THE COMPLETE HISTORY OF AMERICA (ABRIDGED) Set for Wharton Center
by BWW News Desk - Sep 19, 2016

Just in time for the election, the REDUCED SHAKESPEARE COMPANY returns with a new show featuring 600 years of history in 6,000 seconds! (more...)

Shea's Taps The Old Globe's Michael G. Murphy as New President
by BWW News Desk - Aug 8, 2016

The Board of Trustees of the Shea's-O'Connell Preservation Guild Ltd. is pleased to announce the appointment of Michael G. Murphy as the new President of Shea's Performing Arts Center to succeed Anthony Conte.  (more...)

BWW Review: HAROLD AND MAUDE at 2ND STORY THEATRE - Flower Power Lives!
by Larry O'Brien - Jul 5, 2016

In keeping with Artistic Director Ed Shea's avowed goal of staging less cynical plays, 2nd Story Theatre in Warren is offering the stage version of the 1971 cult film classic HAROLD AND MAUDE by Colin Higgins, who wrote both the screenplay and this stage version, If you have never seen the film version, which starred Ruth Gordon and Bud Cort, you should get yourself over to Warren; if you have seen the film, you might want to go by a ticket to see what director Kevin Broccoli hath wrought. This production features some fine performances, a couple of almost magical special effects, and a story that is so dated it's current again. As Maude, charmingly played by Isabel O'Donnell, explains to Evan Kinnane's Harold in the second act, 'A cliche today is a profound truth tomorrow, and vice versa.' Somebody say, 'Amen.' (more...)

by Larry O'Brien - Jun 17, 2016

Either late last winter or early spring, 2nd Story theatre's Artistic Director, Ed Shea, announced that he was looking for less cynicism and revamped the schedule. Out went SPEED THE PLOW and in came CATHOLIC SCHOOL GIRLS. In Jeffrey Hatcher and Mitch Albom's adaptation of TUESDAYS WITH MORRIE (based Albom's book), Shea has struck the mother lode of positivity. In this play (and in the book, and in life) Mitch (Jeff Del Sisto) a young, career-driven journalist learns of his former professor Morrie's (Jay Burke) battle with Lou Gehrig's disease and a one-time visit becomes a weekly pilgrimage and a graduate seminar on the meaning of life and death. The book has sold over fourteen million copies and been translated into fourteen languages. Cynical it is not. The question is, how does into translate onto the stage? (more...)

BWW Review: Take a Chance on EDUCATING RITA at 2nd Story Theatre
by Larry O'Brien - May 9, 2016

EDUCATING RITA by Willy Russell is running at 2nd Story Theatre at 28 Market St. in Warren until May 22. Ed Shea plays Frank, the jaded, just-this-side-of washed-out, alcoholic professor; and Tammy Brown plays Rita, a hairdresser who wants more out of life, who wants not simply a change in circumstances, but, as she says twice in the play, 'the change in yourself.' Rita wants to know, 'what's it like to be free?' If Frank ever knew, he has forgotten. Over the course of the very enjoyable two hours, they each get to look at what they know and to decide what must stay and what has to go. This play reminds you of Shaw's Pygmalion: the young woman comes to the older man seeking knowledge that can transform her life. Henry Higgins is more confidant then Frank in the value of what he has to offer, but Rita, whose real name turns out to be Susan, is every bit as convinced of its worth as Eliza Doolittle ever was. (more...)

by Larry O'Brien - Apr 19, 2016

CATHOLIC SCHOOL GIRLS by Casey Kurtti, the current offering at 2nd Story Theatre in Warren, follows MASS APPEAL and continues the theater's exploration of the Catholic Church in the second half of the late, lamented Twentieth Century. While MASS APPEAL concentrated on the masculine side of the Church (priests and would-be priests), CATHOLIC SCHOOL GIRLS focuses on the distaff side by following the school lives of four grammar school girls and the nuns who teach them at St. George's School in Yonkers. Four actresses play the girls and each takes a turn playing a different nun. Unlike a show like NUNSENSE, which is played for laughs, Kurtti's play explores both the lighter and darker sides of the girls experience; sometimes it's funny, and sometimes it hurts. You don't have to be Catholic, but it helps. (more...)

by Larry O'Brien - Feb 4, 2016


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