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Robert Rodriguez


Robert Rodriguez

Photo Flash: Luxor Celebrates The World Premiere Of R.U.N ‚Ä" The First Live-Action Thriller From¬†Cirque Du Soleil
Last night, Nov. 14, 2019, Luxor Hotel and Casino hosted the world premiere of the Strip's newest production,¬†R.U.N¬†‚Ä" the first live-action thriller produced by¬†Cirque du Soleil.¬†The new show is a living, breathing graphic novel that's non-stop tire-peeling, fist-flinging and double-crossing action including combat stunts, fast-paced car chases, cutting-edge technology and innovative multimedia.¬†Audience members were greeted with immersive sensory experiences throughout the evening, starting from the moment they entered the lobby. The gritty, graphic novel-inspired production showcased human performance and special effects from chapter to chapter, as told by brave and fearless characters.

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