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Who Played Samuel in The Pirates of Penzance

Furneaux Cook Broadway1879
G.J. Lackner Regional (UK)1879
George Temple West End1880
Richard W. Temple Broadway1912
J. Humbird Duffey Broadway1926
J. Humbird Duffey Broadway1927
Sano Marco Broadway1931
Allen Waterous Broadway1933
Allen Waterous Broadway1934
Richard Walker Broadway1934
Richard Walker Broadway1934
Bertram Peacock Broadway1935
John Eaton Broadway1936
Richard Walker Broadway1936
Richard Walker Broadway1939
Robert Morton (i) Broadway1940
Frederick Persson Broadway1942
Bertram Peacock Broadway1944
Hubert Norville Broadway1946
Richard Dunn Broadway1948
Earle MacVeigh Broadway1949
Donald Harris Broadway1951
Frank Rogier Broadway1952
Trevor Hills Broadway1955
Jon Ellison Broadway1976
James Sergi Off-Broadway1977
James Nadeaux Off-Broadway1979
G. Eugene Moose Broadway1981
Louis Valenzi Broadway1981
Nick Jolley Broadway1981
Stephen Hanan Broadway1981
Sylvester McCoy West End1982
John O'Creagh East Haddam, CT (Regional)2006
Johnny Herford West End2017