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Who Played Performer in On Your Feet

Angelica Beliard Broadway2015
Arianna Rosario Broadway2015
Christie Prades Broadway2015
Gabriella Sorrentino Broadway2015
Jennifer Sanchez Broadway2015
Jeremey Adam Rey Broadway2015
Karmine Alers Broadway2015
Martin Sola Broadway2015
Natalie Caruncho Broadway2015
Anthony Alfaro US Tour2017
Arianna Rosario US Tour2017
Ilda Mason US Tour2017
Jennifer Florentino US Tour2017
Marina Pires US Tour2017
Sam J. Cahn US Tour2017
Skizzo Arnedillo US Tour2017
Alicia Mencia West End2019
Denzel Giskus West End2019
Martin McCarthy West End2019
Shanna Michelle Slaap West End2019