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Who Played Judy Haynes in White Christmas

Meredith PattersonSan Francisco (Regional)2004
Meredith PattersonLos Angeles2005
Nadine IseneggerBoston2005
Shannon O'BryanSan Francisco (Regional)2005
Kristen Beth WilliamsSt. Paul, MN (Regional)2006
Shannon O'Bryan2006
Meredith PattersonBoston2007
Meredith PattersonBroadway2008
Mara DaviBroadway2009
Louise BowdenWest End2014
Jessica WockenfussUS Tour2016
Kelly SheehanUS Tour2016
Darien CragoUS Tour2018
Kelly SheehanUS Tour2018
Sarah FaganUS Tour2018
Clare HalseWest End2019