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THE VEGETABLE - NextStage Non Equity Auditions

Posted: September 20, 2020
Audition Location: Submission,

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THE VEGETABLE: Or “From President to Postman”

By F. Scott Fitzgerald, Directed and Edited by Tyler Phillips



November 2, 2020 6:30PM MST



The NextStage Virtual Studio (on Streamyard)



NextStage is currently seeking comedic actors from around the world for a virtual production of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s farce, THE VEGETABLE, for a newly edited, radio-play style presentation with 5 actors at least 18 years of age to play 13 different speaking roles. Tracks are not necessarily age or gender-specific - we are looking for the best actors for these wild roles. 


Fitzgerald’s only full-length play is this three act, nearly one hundred year old farce about an inexperienced, narcissistic, and delusional man who becomes President and nearly deconstructs the entire union by appointing unfit family members to office and making rash decisions to protect his power.   Some work just stands the test of time, yeah? According to our NextStage research, this rare work has only been produced a few times since its 1929 closing on Broadway.  Our team is breathing new life into this piece on Election Night-Eve as we virtually present it in a radio-play format with original piano music interludes and a 1920’s virtual costume contest where you can tag @nextstagecompany on insta to show off your best speakeasy attire to enter to win cool prizes!


To be considered you must fill out the following Google Form and submit the required materials by October 1st at the latest:




JERRY SCOTT - A man in his early 30s whose only ambition was to be a postman.  After drinking some of Snook’s sketchy bootleg liquor on the night of the Republican Convention, Jerry suddenly finds that he has been elected President of the United States.   

DETECTIVE: A detective hired by Charlotte to find Jerry after he disappears



CHARLOTTE FROST - Jerry’s absolutely fine and amazing wife who he blames for his stunted ambition and boring life. 

ROBERT FISH - Doris’ most current fiancé and potentially the Junior Senator from Idaho. 



DORIS - Charlotte’s young and naïve sister who seemingly can’t go a few days without being engaged. 

SNOOKS - A mysterious bootlegger who creates sketchy concoctions in the homes of his customers

JUDGE FOSSILE: A high-ranking judge, likely a member of the Supreme Court

NEWSBOY - A Newsboy



DADA - Jerry’s elderly and senile father

STUTZ-MOZART - The leader of a jazz band hired to play at Doris and Fish’s wedding.

MR JONES - The top aide to President Frost 

PUSHING - A high-ranking, war-obsessed, General and also Jerry’s boss before he becomes President



FRANCES - the narrator of the story is a character loosely based off of F Scott Fitzgerald who delivers the author’s original stage directions and often interacts with the other characters




Deadline Oct 1, 2020: Actors must submit a comedic monologue in the farcical style that is less than 3 minutes in length via a video file or video link. 


Our creative team will host live callbacks over ZOOM on October 3, 2020. Actors selected for callbacks will receive sides via email.  




Starting the week of October 5, 2020, based on actor availability, over ZOOM


October 28 + 29


November 1

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