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TAGGED - A NEW AUDIODRAMA - Viticast Non Equity Auditions

Posted: September 5, 2020
Audition Location: Submissions,

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VITICAST is seeking nine professional actors for an original audio series, “Tagged”. To keep our actors safe, as well as open this opportunity to actors located anywhere, actors are required to have access to quality sound recording equipment (see “Submission Requirements” below), so they may work from home.


Note: Since Viticast is 100% audio-based, all adult actors may be considered for any role, regardless of race, ethnicity, color, orientation, gender status, age, or other appearance-based qualities.


If cast, it will be for the first five episodes of the series, and if received well by audiences, may be perpetual in nature, with a new contract for each new set of episodes produced.


Send submissions to


Show summary:


Amid the modern social media culture, four friends embark on a road trip to try to make sense of the confusing posts which may or may not have jeopardized their relationships.


Actor breakdown:


Note: All actors will play cameo character roles in addition to their principal role.


Aaron – Lead, male, mid 20’s. Athletic, competitive, cocky, real-estate agent. He can be quite hurtful to others, but also has a generous and thoughtful side. Has a lot of growing to do before he can really be considered a great guy. In an on-again/off-again relationship with Valerie for a couple years.


Carlos – Lead, male, early-to-mid 20’s. Sensitive, artistic, vulnerable, artist and poet. His insecurities keep him from going for what he’s really after, but he rarely lets his fears immobilize him. He has been in love with Nicole for twelve years, but has been permanently friend-zoned.


Patrick – Lead, male, mid 20’s. Complacent, even-keeled, wise-cracking, computer programmer. Though not exactly neat and tidy, he loves order and predictability in his life. He and Lin have been in a very comfortable (if stagnant) relationship for four years.


Michael – Lead, male, early-to-mid 20’s. Quiet, introspective, level-headed, bartender and amateur photographer. Sure of his ways, but not always sure of himself, he is looking for a new life in a bigger town. He’s just moved to Idaho Falls from a tiny town in Montana.


Valerie – Lead, female, mid-to-late 20’s. Sassy, confident, accomplished, entrepreneur. She has earned her success by putting herself first. Some might describe her as high-maintenance. She has been in an on-again/off again relationship with Aaron for a couple years.


Nicole – Lead, female, early to mid 20’s. Athletic, loyal, adventurous, customer service worker. Though she isn’t very talkative, she is a calming and joyful influence wherever she goes. She considers Carlos her very best friend, and is oblivious to his undying love for her.


Lin – Lead, female, mid-to-late 20’s. Dependable, level-headed, genuine, graphic designer. Her practicality and patience have stunted her desires for something more romantic in life. She and Patrick have been in a very comfortable (if stagnant) relationship for four years.


Reese – Lead, female, mid 20’s. Vivacious, blunt, uninhibited Master’s student in Social Work. A highly-functioning alcoholic, she is sexually adventurous and appears to be unafraid of anything. She has some hidden insecurities about settling down.


Tyler – Recurring featured, male, mid-to-late 20’s. Athletic, confident, kind-hearted entrepreneur. Shrouded in mystery for much of the drama, his motivations are intentionally obscured. He always presents himself as benevolent and generous, always willing to intervene in a friend’s life.


Submission Requirements:


  1. A link to an audition tape (two contrasting monologues). May include a song.

  2. A PDF of acting resume attached to submission.

  3. A short (1 minute or less) audio sample for Viticast to determine quality of recording capability. Can be a monologue, story, joke, etc. Please send in .WAV if possible, or .mp3.

  4. Send Submissions to


About Viticast:


Viticast is a production company which produces 100% audio based, immersive, cinematic storytelling experiences. This series will be produced before the launch of Viticast’s streaming website and mobile app, to be included as part of the initial launch library of original content. Include any questions with your submission.

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