SYLVIA - Independence Community Theater Non Equity Auditions

Posted: February 10, 2020
Audition Location: Cleveland, OH

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Auditions for "Sylvia"
Directed by Annette Fernandez

Independence Community Theater


February 16th and 17th at 7pm
Upstairs at the Old Town Hall in Independence, 6652 Brecksville Rd.

Show dates:

May 1, 2, 8, 9, 10, 15, & 16, 2020

Friday and Saturday at 8pm

Sunday at 2pm

Greg is a man of middle age, a restless empty-nester, tired of his job in finance, looking for meaning in his life. Sylvia is an exuberant and beautiful lab/poodle mix, astray in Central Park, looking for a new home. When they meet, it is love at first sight. But his wife Kate, a busy rising star in the public school system, is looking forward to some independence now that the couple no longer has children to care for, and is less than thrilled by the clever and coquettish canine who jumps, slobbers, sits on her couch, and takes Greg’s attention away from his marriage. Sylvia exerts such a charismatic pull that Kate’s friends are appalled, the marriage counselor advocates divorce and euthanasia, and even Greg’s new dog-owner friend warns him of the splintering effect a dog can have on the relationship between husband and wife. It is only when Greg is prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice that Kate is able to see Sylvia not as a threat, but as a new member of her family. A.R. Gurney’s Sylvia is a smart, silly, sophisticated, and occasionally salty comedy about relationships, nature, and growing older.

All roles available:
• SYLVIA (20's) – A dog played by a woman. This is a physically demanding role.
• GREG (40+) – A man. Professional New Yorker near retirement and new owner of Sylvia.
• KATE (40+) – Greg's wife, whose career is beginning to take off.
• TOM, PHYLLIS, LESLIE (Any age) – Tom- is a fellow dog owner whom Greg meets at the park. Phyllis - is a college friend of Kate. Leslie -is a counselor.









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