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Posted: February 16, 2021
Audition Location: Submission,

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Lilies, or The revival of a Romantic Drama by Michel Marc Bouchard

English Translation by Linda Gaboriau

A "Play within a Play". In 1952 The honorable Bishop Jean Bilodeau has come to hear the confession of an Ex-Prisoner, Simon Doucet who is an old school friend. Upon his arrival he is forced to watch a play in which he plays a central role. The events of the mens youth are played out before his eyes. It is a play about love in it's purest form, and those who would seek to repress and corrupt it. 

This play will be rehearsed in a combination of Zoom rehearsals as well as LIVE IN PERSON IN NEW YORK CITY.  Please do not submit if you are unable to attend in person rehearsals in New York City. Actors will be required to get multiple RAPID COVID tests to participate. 

Rehearsals begin on zoom March 1st 2021

Rehearsals begin LIVE IN PERSON in New York City March 7th 2021

The play will be prerecorded for digital Streaming on Sunday March 21st 2021. 

Rehearsals will be scheduled Sun-Thurs in the afternoon/evenings. All rehearsals and the production will take place in an outdoor (private) space. This is an ensemble play and most actors will remain onstage at all times.


Simon Doucet: Lead Role 19 year old male any ethnicity. A Young Quebecois, Known for his masculine good looks. He is tall and handsome. This role requires full nudity as well as romantic kissing with the actor who plays Vallier.

Count Vallier De Tilly:  Lead Role 18/19 White male. A Young Frenchman, a direct descendant of the Bourbons. Known for his intelligence, but also for his delicate manners, and excessive sensitivity, and soft features which have earned him the nick name Lilly White. This role requires full nudity as well as romantic kissing with the actor who plays Simon. 

Countess Marlie-Loure De Tilly: Lead Role 50-55 Male playing a female, any ethnicity. A distinguished Parisian woman. She is Vallier's mother. She lives in world of fantasy She is the embodiment of love in it's purest form. 

Jean Bilodeau: Lead Role17-21 year old male, any ethnicity A Young Quebecois. Deeply devout Catholic. Repressed feelings and latent homosexual desires. This role requires kissing with the actor who plays Simon.  

Older Simon/Timothee Doucet: Featured Role 50-60 year old male any ethnicity. This actor plays the older version of Simon and  takes on the role of his own father in the "Play within the play". 

Bishop Bilodeau: Featured Role 55-65 year old male of any ethnicity: The older version of Jean Bilodeau. Now a powerful Bishop. He is he unknowing villain of the piece. He is also a victim. 

Mademoiselle Lydie-Anne De Rozier: Featured Role 30-35 year old male playing a female. Any ethnicity. She is a French woman of exceptional beauty. She own an Aerostat and is exceptionally good at lying. This role requires intimate kissing with the actor who plays Simon. 

Male Actors: 18-60 years old of any ethnicity to play: Student, Count De Hue, Countes De Hue, and Father Saint Michel.


Please put your role of interest in the subject line. 
In your cover letter please mention any additional roles you might be interested in playing. 

Each actor will be paid a flat stipend of $75 with the chance to earn additional compensation. 


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