JACK AND THE BEANSTALK - The Sherman Players Non Equity Auditions

Posted: September 13, 2019
Audition Location: Sherman, CT

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FE-FI-FO-FUM!  Announcing Auditions for The Sherman Players’ production of the traditional British Panto, Jack and The Beanstalk.

Where: The green room at the Sherman Playhouse.

When: Monday Sept 22 and Tuesday Sept 23 from 7pm to 9.30pm

Who: Adults and youths 13 yrs and older

This Panto takes the traditional story of Jack climbing the beanstalk to do battle with the evil giant and throws in magic, song, spectacle, romance and more than a little old fashioned vaudeville slapstick comedy and a splash of Monty Python!.  This is a show for the whole family – where the audience is definitely encouraged to join in the fun! 

In addition to the large principal cast, the ensemble features prominently throughout the show – very much a character in itself!

All principal characters should sing well, though there are very few solo songs, and ensemble members should be comfortable with some simple harmonies.  Above all what’s needed is enthusiasm, comic timing and a great sense of fun!

If auditioning for a named role please prepare 8-16 bars of an upbeat song.  Sides will be provided for readings.

Character descriptions are below.  This information and the audition sides will also be posted to our website www.shermanplayers.org.

For more information please contact director Steve Stott at information@shermanplayers.org.


Jack Trot – (traditionally played by a female) -Our hero, a good hearted dreamer.  Loves the princess.

Dame Trot - (traditionally played by male) – Jack’s mother.  Over the top, big of heart, hair and of bosom.

Fleshcreep – (Male) The big baddie.  The Giant’s wicked henchman.  The audience will boo him, and he’ll love it!

The Vegetable Fairy – (female) Intent on helping Jack, her magic doesn’t always work and when it does it’s horticultural.

Silly Billy – (male) Jack’s brother.  A cheeky chappie, he’ll help anyone and loves to get the audience involved!

King Satupon – (male) His kingdom has seen better days, always short of money since the Giant demands his taxes.  Has a big crush on the Dame.

Princess Melanie – (female) Feisty and kind.  She loves Jack.

Sergeant Spick and Corporal Span – (male or female) The King’s Guards.  Hapless, clueless, witless.  They just want to be paid.

Clarance/Clarice Clanger  – (male or female) The town crier, a bit too enthusiastic with his/her bell.

Blodwyn Blunderbore – (female) The Giant’s human wife.  A nasty piece of work, she lords it over the Giant’s prisoners.

The Giant Blunderbore – Big and Bad.  Heard throughout the Panto, he appears in Act Two.  He can be played by an ensemble member.

Daisy the cow – Traditional Panto cow, her costume is inhabited by two actors who move well.  Lots of fun business. The audience will love her!

Villagers, Townsfolk, Prisoners of the Giant, Magical Folk, Wedding Guests – an ensemble with lots to do and lots to sing!

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