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HOUSE OF SPIRITS: A HAUNTED COCKTAIL SOIREE - Meyer2Meyer Entertainment Non Equity Auditions

Posted: July 17, 2021
Audition Location: New York, NY

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The Hit Los Angeles Halloween Show House of Spirits: A Haunted Cocktail Soiree is coming to NYC this fall!


House of Spirits is a 21+ immersive and interactive theatrical production inside of a macabre mansion (located in Manhattan, near Wall Street).

Guests enjoy drinks, live stage shows of music, magicians, and bizarre characters...or they can take their experience to a deeper level by searching the premises and interacting with the characters to find secret clues and hidden objects that reveal a dark, sinister chapter in the history of the house.  A truly unique theatrical experience!


House of Spirits is essentially an immersive variety show, so we are looking for a wide range of talents.

We will be auditioning for particular skills, rather than specific characters.  Please see breakdown and submit with the category that best suits you.

ACTORS: Non-Gender specific.  Non-Age specific.  Actor must be comfortable with improv and dialogue.  Actor must be comfortable wearing prosthetics make-up.

SINGERS: Non-Gender specific.  Non-Age specific.  Ideal singers will be comfortable acting.  Ability to play an instrument a plus.  Ability to play a unique instrument (like accordion or violin) a plus.  

MOVERS: Non-Gender specific.  Non-Age specific.  Actors who move well (or dancers) comfortable wearing full Creature Suits, potentially including masks and body suits, prosthetics and body make-up.  Two roles require full nudity (please indicate if you are comfortable with this).

MUSICIANS: Non-Gender specific.  Non-Age specific.  Ideally, we're looking for professional level piano players or guitar players who are comfortable with acting and singing.

MAGICIANS: Non-Gender specific.  Non-Age specific. We are seeking professional level magicians, mentalists and illusionists.  Acting skills a plus.  

SPIRITUALISTS: Non-Gender specific.  Non-Age specific. We are seeking professional level tarot card readers, palm readers, or other styles of spiritualist professionals.  Acting skills a plus.  

COMEDIANS: Non-Gender specific.  Non-Age specific.  Improv comics or comic duos who are comfortable playing specific characters in our program.  Acting skills a plus.  Hosting skills a plus.

BURLESQUE: Non-Gender specific.  Non-Age specific. We are seeking professional level Burlesque performers, who are comfortable with a macabre or dark twist on their act.  Macabre acts a plus.   


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