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Posted: May 20, 2014
Audition Location: White Plains, NY

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Little Radical Theatrics Announces Auditions For

Directed by Michael J Mirra
Choreographed by Theresa Burns
Musical Directed by Heather Edwards
Produced by Fatima Viegas

AUDITIONS May 28th - 29th 7 -9 PM at ArtsWestchester 31 Mamaroneck Ave White Plains, NY

4 Performances July 18th - 20th at The Joan R Pincus Theater at The Grinton Will Library 1500 Central Ave Yonkers, NY

To make an audition appointment please e-mail littleradicals@aol.com with your headshot/resume and preferred date and time of audition. Those without an appointment will be seen in the order they arrive.

PLEASE PREPARE 32 bars of a song in the style of the show (classic musical theater) and bring a headshot/resume (if you have them).

NOTE: This is a non paying production but if cast the producers will try to make commuting as affordable as possible from NYC by arranging carpools from local Subway stations. Rehearsal Studios/Theater walking distance from MetroNorth/public transportation and max 30 mins away from Grand Central Station.

SEEKING adults of all ages for principal roles and ages 10+ for featured ensemble roles.

JOE HARDY The 22-year-old, home run hitting alter ego of Joe Boyd. A good guy who loves that he is living out his dream, but deeply misses the life and love he left behind. Male, 18-30 yrs old. Tenor

LOLA The Devil's seductress assistant. Sexy and confident. Falls in love with Joe when her usual tricks don’t work on him. Though she’s done many bad things, she is a good person deep down inside. Female, 25-35 yrs old. Mezzo who is a wonderful dancer. Originally played by Gwen Verdon

MR. APPLEGATE The Devil in disguise as a slick salesman. A controlling, greedy smooth talker. Male, 40-50 yrs old. Baritone.

MEG BOYD Joe's long-suffering, but loyal wife. She is lonely and misses her husband. Decides a little white lie is worth telling to save a good person. Extremely strong actress and singer with a lovely mezzo/soprano voice. Female, 25-45 yrs old.

JOE BOYD A middle-aged married man who is in love with baseball, especially the Senators. Extremely strong singer and actor. Male, 40-50 yrs old. Tenor

GLORIA THORPE A probing reporter whose bottom-line is a good story for her paper. Fearless and biting and very sarcastic. Female, 20-35 yrs old. Strong comedic character actress with an excellent mezzo belt who moves very well.

VAN BUREN The luckless team manager. A sort of father-figure for the team, who proudly defends them. A bit of a loose cannon. Strong actor that can sing. Male, 35-60 yrs old.

SISTER Meg's best friend and Doris’s sister. Outspoken and brash, but caring. Very involved in community activities. Very funny comedic character actress. Female, 25-45 yrs old. Mezzo

DORIS A friend of Meg's. She is slightly quieter and more conservative than her sister, but still outspoken. An avid baseball fan very involved in the community. Female, 25-45 yrs old. Mezzo.

ROCKY A baseball player for the Washington Senators. Cocky, but a little bit dopey, too. He’s a guy’s guy. Male, 18-35 yrs old. Baritone who moves very well.

SMOKEY A catcher for the Washington Senators. Not the sharpest tool in the shed. Tries to be a tough guy like Rocky, but truly is not. Must have wonderful comedic timing and be great at playing dumb. Male, 18-35 yrs old. Baritone who moves well.

SOHOVIK A baseball player for the Washington Senators. The smartest and most level-headed of the players. Enjoys his side job of selling insurance and is very enthusiastic about it. The unofficial leader of the team. Male, 18-35 yrs old. Baritone who moves very well.

VERNON Another baseball player. He sings "Heart" with Rocky, Smokey, Sohovik and Van Buren. Male, 18 - 35 years old. Tenor who moves very well/dances.

LANVILLE, BRYAN, HENRY Other baseball players. Great singers who move very well/dance. Henry will double with "Eddie" who sings "Who's Got The Pain" with Lola. Male 18 - 35 years old.

MR. WELCH The owner of the Senators. Believes in Joe and believes in his team. A peacekeeper between the press and the team. Protective of Joe and the boys. Non Singing Role. Male, 35-60 yrs old.

BASEBALL FAN CLUB: Featured ensemble kids/teens who will sing the reprise of "Heart" as well as be featured as Newsies/ Fans in solo scenes. Many featured singing solos and many lines. Must have great voices and strong comedic timing. Ages 10+

MR. LYNCH/COMISSIONER A reporter and the commissioner at Joe Hardy's hearing. Will sing only in ensemble numbers. A great featured acting part Male 20 - 60 years old.

MISS WESTON/BASEBALL WIVES/FANS Female ensemble one of whom will be featured as Miss Weston who is organzing the celebration at the end of act 1. Should all be able to move well as they will featured as dancers in "Two Lost Souls" Females 16 - 70

Any questions e-mail littleradicals@aol.com or call 914-589-1669. For info on the theater company www.littleradicaltheatrics.com

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