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The Outsider - Preview show poster

The Outsider - Preview at Commonweal Theatre Company

Dates: (5/18/2024 - 5/24/2024 )


Commonweal Theatre Company

208 Parkway Ave N
Lanesboro,MN 55949

Phone: (800) 657-7025

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Number-cruncher Ned Newly is a complete unknown with a paralyzing fear of public speaking and no political instincts - he certainly doesn't want to be Governor. But when his boss gets booted after a scandal, Ned is catapulted into the public eye. With the election just days away, his oddball team of consultants scramble to give him a political makeover. The Outsider is a hilarious, non-partisan send-up of modern American politics and an inspirational tribute to democracy.

Ages: Mature high school students and older

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Commonweal Theatre Company is at 208 Parkway Ave N, Lanesboro, MN.

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