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Triple Espresso: A Highly Caffeinated Comedy show poster

Triple Espresso: A Highly Caffeinated Comedy at Plymouth Playhouse

Dates: (7/12/2024 - 8/11/2024 )


Plymouth Playhouse

2705 Annapolis Ln. N., Plymouth, MN 55441

Phone: (929) 367-8392

Tickets: $32-$52

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Triple Espresso: A Highly Caffeinated Comedy is coming to The Plymouth Playhouse! This will be the first time that the show has been performed live since 2020. Join Bobby Bean, Buzz Maxwell, and Hugh Butternut this summer to see Minnesota's longest running comedy performed for audiences of all ages! Triple Espresso will play at The Plymouth Playhouse Theatre (former home of Church Basement Ladies) with performances beginning Friday, July 12th, 2024. This limited 5-week engagement will only play through Sunday, August 11, 2024.

Tickets are on sale now, with pricing starting at $32.

Triple Espresso tells the story of three guys whose bid for showbiz fame and fortune ended in 4-minutes of magnificent failure on national television. Hugh Butternut, Buzz Maxwell, and Bobby Bean tell their rags-to-rags story earnestly, with hysterical results. Butternut is a musician, a vulnerable soul with a lounge lizard smile; Maxwell is an uncertain magician with an attitude; and Bean is an irrepressible, all-over-the-map entertainer with big dreams. The laughter is infectious and the comedy appeals to everyone from first graders to college students to baby boomers.

Triple Espresso has performed to over 2 million people. The Minneapolis engagements included one period where it performed year-round for 13 successive years at The Music Box Theatre, playing in San Diego for 11 years, and establishing itself as “The Longest Running Play in Iowa History.” The play has had significant residences in more than 60 cities across the U.S. and five other countries (Canada, England, Ireland, Belgium and Germany). Other Major Cities include London, Dublin, Berlin, Los Angeles, Albany, Denver, Sacramento, Milwaukee, Seattle and Pittsburgh.

Join us for the show London Theatre News calls "the funniest thing on six legs”. The Los Angeles Times says it is “a Triple Jolt of inspired craziness”, The San Diego Union Tribune says “A Gem! A Prize! A Knockout!”, and Michael Frayn writes “Brilliant! Irresistible dazzling comedy!”

Triple Espresso is produced by A Highly Caffeinated Production Company, Katy Sherman, Thomas Branham, Zachary Hedner, Eric Riner and consulting producer Dennis Babcock.

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