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Rothschild and Sons at Hirsch Theatre


1/7/2020 - 1/16/2020


Hirsch Theatre

6 Eliyahu Shama Street

Tickets Info

Phone: (054) 578-9006

Rothschild and Sons in Israel

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Encore! Educational Theatre Company proudly presents Bock and Harnick’s Rothschild & Sons, a powerful musical drama depicting the rise of the Rothschild family in Frankfurt and their efforts to use their wealth and influence to obtain rights for European Jews, including the dismantling of ghetto walls.

Featuring an all-star cast of Encore! veterans and newcomers, Rothschild & Sons traces the history of European Jewry over half-a-century, from the courtly powdered wigs of Hesse-Cassel to the triumphant Alliance following the defeat of Napoleon. The songs, written by the team that created Fiddler on the Roof, shows influences of late 18th and early 19th-century music, yet has a contemporary feel with Jewish strains that pack a punch.

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