DINOSAURS CIRCUS to Feature Dinosaur Puppets, Acrobats, Circus Performers and More, Dec. 24

By: Nov. 08, 2016

Huge, realistic and breathtaking dinosaurs puppets 3 meters tall, acrobats, circus performers, spectacular video art, dancers and music from all around the world are all combined together and create the "Dinosaurs Circus"- the new show that will captivate the hearts of all family members, old as well as young, in a Hanukkah experience that the country has never seen before ever since the Jurassic era. Performances begin December 24 around the country.

Two children and dinosaurs puppets are trying to join the big circus and don't succeed but in their dream they meet the dinosaurs fairy. The fairy brings the puppets to life and together with the children they go on a magical journey around the world. The children meet surprising and colorful characters from all around the world and together they create the dinosaurs circus.

In the highlight moment, when they plan to return back to the country, they're stranded on the lost island in which they meet real dinosaurs that weren't extinct from the world. Will they help them or is their fate sealed and they will stay on the island forever?

A theatrical circus show around the world, exciting and full of surprised, that offers a funny, intelligent and moving story about friendships, adventures, courage and dreams coming true.

The show is from the creators of "The Dinosaurs, a Journey in the Jurassic Kingdom" which tens of thousands people saw last Hanukkah and won praises and rave reviews, written and directed by Adina Haimis.