PHOTOGRAPH 51 Comes to the Cameri Theatre

Performances run 23 November - 27 December.

By: Nov. 03, 2023
PHOTOGRAPH 51 Comes to the Cameri Theatre

 Dr. Rosalind Franklin, a brilliant young scientist who made a breakthrough discovery that was crucial to the study and understanding of the structure of DNA. So why is it that the Nobel Prize was awarded not to her but rather to male scientists, whose research was based on her remarkable discovery?

Based on a true story that shook the scientific community, the play exposes the dark instincts and emotions behind the test tube and the microscope. Over sixty years have passed since the male effort to exclude Dr. Franklin from science’s hall of fame. So why does this sound all too familiar to us today?

After captivating audiences in London and New York and receiving multiple awards, Photograph 51 opens at Tel Aviv’s Cameri Theatre.

Duration: 90 Minutes