CAIN at Tmu-na Theater v

By: Mar. 15, 2018
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CAIN at Tmu-na Theater v

Let me begin with the question: What is the meaning of the word "theater"?

Unfortunately, it seems that some have forgotten. Or maybe, never knew what is the meaning. The meaning of the word "theater" is the audience. YES! US!
And theatre was not intended for the rich and the educated audience, but rather for the ignorant people - people who could not even read or write! That is why the theater, of all the arts, should be the most communicative with the audience. Without the audience, the theater loses its meaning. You understand the equation.

Many plays fail there - many plays that do not communicate with the audience."I am not a marketer, I am an artist! I create for myself, if the audience comes, excellent! But I do not even like my audience." These are sentences I've heard from endless artists. And each time I wonder to myself - when will they get a wake-up call?!
So, to my artist friends I say - NO. If your play does not communicate with the audience, your play will not succeed.

I saw the play Cain in Tmu-na Theater, And that's fantastic.

CAIN at Tmu-na Theater v

My review will focus on the solo actor in the play- Eyal Shechter.
Solo plays tend to fail for lack of energy. There are a lot of reasons for this - none of them particularly justifiable. So I was surprised by Cain - for a long time I had not seen a Solo play so convincing, so unique, so real.

The play consists of two parts. The first part is supposed to bring us, the audience, closer to the actor. Shechter introduces us to a realistic character and tells us why he is here, what he will talk about tonight, as he plays music from his childhood, and event gives us beers. He gives us the feeling that we have always known him...

The show is interactive, so the audience goes onstage, and Shechter asks them questions, opening up a discussion about the subjects he talks about. After some dialogue about Eve and Adam, Shechter brings us to a conversation about Cain - a man who was blinded by jealousy, jealousy that lead him to murder his brother. I will not detail the end of the play, because I don't want to spoil it for you, but the reality surpasses the story of the Bible, and matters become complicated.

Shechter is an actor who makes us shudder every time we see him perform. I've seen dozens of solo play in Israel, and so far, Shechter is the best actor I've ever seen in such a performance. This was a fascinating, unique, and brave play. WOW.
CAIN at Tmu-na Theater v

In conclusion- do not let any artist in any "special" theater, to tell you that the theater is not yours. The theatre is firstly all yours. The play Cain shows us what a magical performance occurs when the actor shows us the true meaning of the theater.


Photo Credit: David Kaplan
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