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Carmen at Hungarian State Oper

Dates: (3/25/2020 - 4/4/2020 )


Hungarian State Oper

Andrássy út 22

Phone: +36 1 814 7100

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Bizet’s masterpiece has been the top draw at the world’s opera houses for nearly 150 years now. And no wonder: the dangerously alluring and unrestrained Gypsy woman at its heart is one of the most thrilling and erotic female characters ever to grace an opera stage. With lyrical passages like the famous Habanera that go straight to the heart and raucous crowd scenes like the Torreador Song, this opera is a passionate love story that unfolds with astonishing realism – and tragedy.
In this contemporary production by Pál Oberfrank Carmen will appeare in an arena of mirrors crafted by Kossuth Prize-winning set designer László Székely.


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