REASONS TO BE PRETTY - Geffen Playhouse Auditions

Posted: May 22, 2014

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Reasons to Be Pretty-Submit for LA Appointments
Geffen Playhouse|Los Angeles, CA

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Phyllis Schuringa, Casting Director
Geffen Playhouse
10886 Le Conte Ave.
Los Angeles CA90024
LORT Non-Rep
LORT B - minimum $812/wk
Actors for Reasons to Be Pretty.
Other Dates
Deadline for Submission:June 4, 2014
Rehearsal begins:July 1
Previews:July 29
Opening:August 6
Closing:August 31
Randall Arney, Director
Phyllis Schuringa, Artistic Associate/Casting Director

Reasons to Be Pretty by Neil LaBute
directed by Randall Arney

Greg, Kent and Carly work in a warehouse; Steph is a hairdresser all in their 30’s they are trying to come to terms with life in their dead-end jobs. There are hook-ups and breakups and struggles to keep friendship alive, but this play is mostly about the power of language and listening.

Greg, 30s – he works as a stocker in the night shift of a big-box warehouse. Steph has been his girlfriend for 4 years now until he carelessly describes the way she looks in not so flattering terms and when word gets back to her the fireworks begin. He is an ordinary, decent, sweet man with a compelling sense of humor. He plays right field in the company baseball team. He always has a book in his pocket – Swift, Hawthorne, Washington Irving, but he does not have the drive that would promise a bright future. He, however, does stand up for himself and his friends and has a sense of justice that we admire.

Steph, 30s – at the beginning of the play, she is angry, vicious. She has been hurt and has the ability to retaliate with some of LaBute’s strongest and most colorful language. She is at once both strong and fragile. A hairdresser, she is concerned with what the future holds. She wants what every girl wants: a loyal husband and financial security. We root for Greg and Steph’s relationship to survive.

Carly, 30s- By all accounts, Carly is pretty. She works as a security guard in the warehouse, a job she got because she was pretty, not because she has an aptitude for it. She’s afraid that her life will always be defined by the way she looks. She is married to Kent and the stakes go up when she finds out she’s pregnant. She is sincere and honest and tries to be a good friend.

Kent, 30s – more athletic than Greg, macho, childish, he has a locker-room mentality with a roving eye. He’s a hothead. He has the kind of looks that make everything come easily to him – he got the prettiest girl and yet, he’s jealous. He can be a good friend as long as things don’t get too serious or complicated. He has limited skills and he knows it. He works in the warehouse and captains the baseball team. He is the one who does not seem to struggle with the way he expresses himself.

If you would like to submit a photo/resume for this production, please see separate photo/resume request posting.

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