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OGUNQUIT PLAYHOUSE 2021 SEASON - Ogunquit Playhouse Auditions

Posted: April 15, 2021

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Ogunquit Playhouse

COST Salary pending.

Equity actors for roles in 2021 season (see breakdown).

SEE BREAKDOWN FOR PREPARATION. Submit taped auditions at:
Deadline: Wed, Apr 28, 2021 (EDT)

Executive Artistic Director: Bradford T. Kenney
Viewing auditions:
Producing Director: Brian J. Swasey
Casting: Binder Casting/Chad Eric Murnane, CSA & Mark Brandon, CSA

See breakdown for production-specific staff.

See breakdown for production dates.

Rehearsals will be a combination of inside and outside with all performances outside.

Note on Covid-19 vaccinations: Ogunquit Playhouse strongly encourages all hired performers to get fully vaccinated prior to the start date of their first rehearsal.

**The EEOC takes the position that employers can ask employees about vaccination status and to seek proof that they have been vaccinated, such as the vaccination card.
Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to submit.


PREPARATION: Please prepare either a cut of Cheeseburger in Paradise or Every Breathe You Take, in the key that best suits your voice. Sheet music and accompaniment tracks can be accessed at
You can also choose to prepare your own brief cut of a song that best showcases your voice, if you'd prefer. Regardless of what is chosen, please include a slate at the start of your video with your name, full body zoom, and what you're going to perform.

Director: BT McNicholl
Choreographer: Jennifer Rias
Music Director: TBA
1st Rehearsal: 5/31/21
Open: 6/18/21
Close: 7/10/21
From the comedic brilliance of the mighty Pythons and their hysterically inaccurate retelling of King Arthur’s quest for the Holy Grail, Eric Idle adapts his original Broadway script to streamline the music and laughter for a COVID-friendly environment.
Comedy, particularly this unique brand of serious silliness, is universal yet personal, so -- in the spirit of Monty Python -- we look forward to everyone bringing their honesty and truth to this timeless material.
[KING ARTHUR] Male Identifying, Late 30s-60s, Any ethnicity. The King of England who sets out ona quest to form the Knights of the Roundtable and find the Holy Grail. Great Humor. Good singer.
[SIR ROBIN] Male Identifying, 30s-40s, Any ethnicity. A Knight of the Roundtable. Ironically called ‘Sir Robin the Brave’, though he could not be more cowardly. Joins the Knights for the Singing and Dancing. Also plays GUARD 1. Great Humor. Good Singer.
[SIR LANCELOT d/b/a/ LANCE] Male Identifying, 30s-40, Any ethnicity. A knight of the Roundtable. He is fearless to a bloody fault, but through a twist of fate, does discover his softer side. Also plays GUARD 2, FRENCH TAUNTER, KNIGHT OF NI and TIM. Great Humor.
[PATSY] Male Identifying, 30s-40s, Any ethnicity. King Arthur’s Horse and Servant. Underappreciated but always longing for King Arthur’s approval. Funny, physical mover with some tap dancing. Good Singer.
[SIR GALAHAD] Male Identifying, 30s, Any ethnicity. A Knight of the Roundtable. Begins as DENNIS, a lower class ‘mud gatherer’ who becomes knighted and transforms into the dashing Sir Galahad. Also plays PRINCE HERBERT’S FATHER. Strong Bari/Tenor singing required. Good Humor.
[SIR BEDEVERE] Male Identifying, 20s-40s, Any ethnicity. A Knight of the Roundtable. An inept scholar. Also plays MRS. GALAHAD, CONCORDE and MAYOR OF FINLAND. Good Singer. Great Humor.
[THE LADY OF THE LAKE] Female Identifying, Late 20s-30s, Any ethnicity. A Diva. Strong, beautiful, possesses mystical powers. The Leading Lady of the Show. Great singing voice is essential, as she must be able to sing effortlessly in many styles and vocal registers. Great Humor.
[HISTORIAN/NOT DEAD FRED/PRINCE HERBERT/MINSTREL] Male Identifying, 20s-30s, Any ethnicity. HISTORIAN: A tweedy academic with excellent diction. NOT DEAD FRED: A sickly little fellow who, despite others’ beliefs, claims he is “not yet dead.” PRINCE HERBET: The hopeful and frilly prince who loves to sing, and pines for his love atop a tower. Great Singer. Good Dancer. Great Humor.

Director: Ricky Hinds
Choreographer: TBA
Music Director: TBA
1st Rehearsal: 6/28/21
Open: 7/16/21
Close: 8/28/21
Co-created by TV’s Greg Garcia and Mike O’Malley. we’re dining on cheeseburgers in paradise and wasting away with this journey through the music of the incomparable Jimmy Buffett. Kick off your flip flops as our beloved Seacoast is transformed into a Caribbean paradise where love and laughter are the keys to growing older without growing up. Take it all in, count your blessings, remember your dreams, and you too will be a Parrothead for life.
It is an honor to work on the regional premiere of Escape to Margaritaville. The show is filled with amazing music and great humor. I look forward to creating a fresh new version of the show specifically for Ogunquit Playhouse. The ability to do this outdoors in a tent sets the perfect environment for the show that will leave our audiences feeling good. I am enthusiastic about finding a diverse and energetic cast who will breathe new life into the show.
[TULLY] Male Identifying, Late 20s-Mid 30s, Any ethnicity. He’s a singer-songwriter. Charming, humorous and sexy. Must be advanced guitar player. Bari-Tenor.
[RACHEL] Female Identifying, Mid 20s-30s, Any ethnicity. An environmental scientist and is not easily distracted from her life-plan. Fully committed to her job and helping the world. She is usually suppressing the part of her that enjoys a good time. Focused, smart and a loyal friend. Soprano with strong Belt.
[TAMMY] Female Identifying, Mid 20s-30s, Any ethnicity. Tammy is best friends with Rachel. She is plus sized, cheerful and always ready for a good time. Sees the best in people and has a zest for life that is often squelched by her fiancé. Her low self-esteem manifests itself as denial in her own life. Soprano with powerhouse Belt.
[BRICK] Male Identifying, 30s, Any ethnicity. A bartender with a beer belly and a big heart. Not the brightest but sensitive and thoughtful. Best friends with Tully. Willing to put himself out there emotionally and able to admit when he’s scared. Bari-Tenor.
[MARLEY] Female Identifying, Late 40s, Black. No-nonsense and assertive; witty sense of humor. She runs Margaritaville and keeps everyone in check, but cares about her employees and customers. Falls hard for J.D. Is a mother figure to Tully. Speaks with an island accent. Soprano with gospel Belt.
[J.D.] Male Identifying, 60+, Any ethnicity. A Vietnam war veteran who comes to the island in search of joy and peace. A funny and crotchety guy. A good-natured drunkard, who is always writing memoirs on bar napkins. Baritone who can play the ukulele.

Director: Casey Hushion
Choreographer: Jen Werner
Music Director: Julie McBride
1st Rehearsal: 8/16/21
Open: 9/3/21
Close: 10/2/21
The World Premiere of MYSTIC PIZZA is based on the beloved 1980s MGM film. Three girlfriends navigating life and love in a working-class pizza joint serving a wealthy country club clientele. They’re the kids in America cooking up a hot and fresh, fully loaded musical supreme, topped with well-known pop and rock hits of the 80’s and 90’s.
We are committed to equity in casting. Many of the characters in Mystic Pizza are of Portuguese descent. We recognize that Portugal is a diverse European nation, home to people of many racial backgrounds. As a result, the characters who are of Portuguese descent may be played by actors of any racial background.
[JOESPHINA BARBOZA (JO/JOJO)] Female Identifying, 19, Portuguese/American. The daughter of Portuguese immigrants. She is vibrant, emotionally volatile, curious, ambitious, always up for a laugh, and loyal. Pop/Rock vocals – A4-D5.
[DAISY ARUJO] Female Identifying, 19, Portuguese/American. The daughter of Portuguese immigrants. A perfect combination of insecurity and arrogance; the seductive life of the party when she needs to be, an introspective dreamer when she doesn't. A pain in her mother’s ass. Pop/Rock vocals – G4-E5.
[KATHERINE (KAT) ARUJO] Female Identifying, 18, Portuguese/American. The daughter of Portuguese immigrants. Daisy's kid sister. The apple of her mother’s eye. A desperate romantic and aspiring astronomer, on the cusp of the rest of her life. Pop/Rock vocals -- F3-E5.
[LEONA SILVA] Female Identifying, Early 60s, Portuguese/American. The owner of Mystic Pizza and guardian of the "Mystic Pizza" special sauce. A sarcastic, wry, yet loving Mother figure for Jo, Daisy, and Kat. Pop/Rock vocals – G3-E5.
[BILL MONTIJO] Male Identifying, 20, Portuguese/American. The son of Portuguese immigrants. A burly, sensitive, lobsterman, and the lead singer/guitarist in The Lobster Rolls - the local town band, who wants nothing more than to marry Jo and raise a family in Mystic, CT. Acoustic or electric guitar playing a plus. Pop/Rock vocals – F3-A5.
[CHARLES GORDON WINDSOR JR.] Male Identifying, Early 20s, Any ethnicity. A country-club, sweater-vest-wearing, Porsche-driving, law-school-drop-out cad, with a surprising capacity for true love. The song of a “WASP.” Pop/Rock vocals – G2-B5.
[TIM TRAVERS] Male Identifying, Early 20s, Any ethnicity. A recent Yale-graduate, architect intern with a. secret. Pop/Rock vocals – E3-A4.

Director: Jeff Whiting
Choreographer: TBA
Music Director: Jeffrey Campos
1st Rehearsal: 9/20/21
Open: 10/8/21
Close: 10/31/21
The comedy genius, Mel Brooks, adapts his legendarily funny film into a brilliant stage creation.
Seeking a diverse and inclusive company for all roles in this production. The only requirement is the possession of a “funny bone” in order to deliver this fast-paced Mel Brooks comedy.
[FREDERICK FRANKENSTEIN] Male Identifying, Early 30s-40s, Any ethnicity. A famous scientist dedicated to his work and innocent of the world at large. Intent to distance himself from his notorious grandfather whose scientific legacy is less than legitimate. A warm lyric baritone who sings to E-flat, and a comic actor who combines the manic energy of Danny Kaye with the charm and elegance of Fred Astaire. Sings with effortless charm (‘Puttin’ On the Ritz”) and requires vocal power for a full-voice traditional Broadway ballad.
[ELIZABETH] Female Identifying, 30s, Any ethnicity. Frederick’s spoiled and self-centered fiancée. A lyric soprano with wide range (to High C) who can deliver a showy coloratura firework with complete ease. Music has a “comic-operetta-ish” sensibility that reflects the songs of Romberg, Herbert, Friml and early Kern. Tap dance is a plus.
[IGOR] Male Identifying or Non-Binary, 30-40s, Any ethnicity. A hunchback servant at the Frankenstein estate in Transylvania. High light baritone (to F#) should have the nimble charm to sing English music hall style songs and the show-biz savvy of Jimmy Durante. Tap dance is a plus.
[INGA] Female Identifying, 20s – early 30s, Any ethnicity. A young local Transylvanian woman who becomes Dr Frankenstein’s eager assistant. Oblivious to her own sexuality and appeal. A bright, clear youthful “Broadway Mezzo” with a high sustained belt to D-flat and a sweet mixed voice that extends up to high E. Tap dance is a plus.
[FRAU BLUCHER] Female Identifying, 40s-60s, Any ethnicity. The housekeeper at the Frankenstein estate. She keeps the secrets of the past. Requires skilled, dark, dramatic Lotte Lenya alto with a real sense of the Berlin Cabaret world of the 1920s and 30s. Solid belt up to B-flat and a workable mix that extends up to E-flat.
[INSPECTOR KEMP & BLIND MAN] Male Identifying, 40s-50s, Any ethnicity. Inspector Kemp is the head of the local police with highly developed sense of his own power and a keen desire to keep order in the town. The Blind Man is a recluse who enjoys a meal with Frankenstein’s monster. This is a double role that needs a big legit bass-baritone voice that can really open up and soar to high F. Should demonstrate very dramatic singing chops in terms of volume and the break-your-heart quality of a singer like Al Jolson in his prime.
[THE MONSTER] Male Identifying or Non-Binary, 30s-40s, Any ethnicity. The monster created when Dr. Frankenstein performs his famous brain transplant. Bass-baritone with good legit sound up to E-flat. Physically imposing. Tap dance is a plus.

Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to submit.

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