LA JOLLA PLAYHOUSE 2013-14 SEASON - La Jolla Playhouse Auditions

Posted: January 9, 2013

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La Jolla Playhouse 2013-14 Season Local Auditions
La Jolla Playhouse|La Jolla, CA

Call Type
Equity Principal
Date of Audition
La Jolla Playhouse
2910 La Jolla Village Drive
La Jolla, CA 92037
Parking Pass can be purchased from Gilman Drive Info Kiosk or street park
Sunday, January 20, 2013
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Sign Up begins at 9:00AM
Lunch is from 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
  • EPA Rules are in effect.
  • A monitor willnotbe provided. The producer will run all aspects of this audition.
No advance appointments taken. Sign up begins at 9:00AM.
LORT Non-Rep
LORT B - minimum $765/week
Male and female, Equity (AEA)
Please prepare either a brief contemporary monologue or a short contemporary musical theater song and a brief monologue. (3 min max for both) Bring sheet music; accompanist provided.

Please bring a picture and resume, stapled together.
Other Dates
HIS GIRL FRIDAY Reh:4/16, 5/28-6/30
TRIBES Reh:6/11, 6/15-7/21 Offers out for all roles
SIDEWAYS Reh:6/11, 7/16-8/18
UNTITLED PROD. #1 *Production already cast. 10/11-11/3
SIDESHOW Reh:9/27, 11/5-12/15
UNTITLED PROD. #2 Reh:1/28, 2/25-3/23
Local Casting Director - Marike Fitzgerald

By Rex Picket
Directed by Des McAnuff

MILES (40) – A deeply introspective, introverted thinking type. He’s a connoisseur of wines, a bit grandiloquent in speech. Like many introverts he uses alcohol to access feelings, and when he does he can come roaring out of his shell. He’s wildly, off-the-wall funny with a biting, trenchant outlook on life.

JACK (40) – He’s good-looking, a jock, a little dumb-appearing. Jack has soul and heart, if still lacking depth. He’s the classic extroverted feeling type a man of action. He operates on instinct, and moves often without apparent conscious aforethought.

MAYA (30-40) – Left an unhappy marriage and moved to a small town to get away from everything, including whatever ambitions she had. Book smart, but has a laissez-faire philosophy toward life, born from a certain jadedness toward relationships. She is earthy, close to her feelings, an introverted intuition type. She’s a good listener, then suddenly awes you with rapier flashes of insight.

TERRA (late 20’s – early 30’s) – Terra is the wild one, the carefree, insouciant one. She falls in love too quickly and too easily. As a sexual creature she’s a carnivore. She loves sex. Terra maybe made it through a two-year college before dropping out and going to work to support herself. She’s a working class girl. Terra is hot and she ignites men’s libido.

BRAD (mid 20’s) - SoCal working class, construction worker type who gets blindingly drunk on the weekends and his days off. He’s a twisted guy who likes to fuck with people just for the hell of it to get a rise. Because he’s a drunk he often doesn’t realize the consequences of his twisted lunatic actions.

PHYLLIS (60’s) – Miles mother who lives a comfortable life in a bluffside house. Having spent too much time by herself, she’s prone to bouts of melancholy interspersed with giddiness brought on by too much champagne. She has given up on ever marrying again. Drolly funny with idiosyncratic mannerisms. Doubles with EVELYN - An anomaly: an agent who has feeling for her clients. Comes from experience, success.

BABS – (30- 35) - The kind of girl who works hard for her money as a top-flight costume designer. She’s organized. She’s controlling but patient, represses her feelings up to a point, and you wouldn’t believe anyone would cheat on her if you saw her. Dresses like many costume designers: retro hip, mixing and matching non-matching items of vintage clothing.

VICTORIA (40) – She’s Maya in another occupation, another dominion, probably has relocated to the East Coast, where she might be from, or went to school. She’s Miles’s equal in every way, except his artist fucked-upness. Dresses stylishly. Well put-together in every way.

CHRIS (40’s-50’s) – A failed rock-and-roll musician who moved to wine country because he wanted to continue to medicate himself, legally and without guilt. Dresses anachronistically like a hippie.

CHARLIE (35+) – A guy who landed in a small town, found a sweetheart job at the burgeoningly successful Hitching Post and never left. Divorced probably. Dresses in bar uniform costume: white shirt, black pants.

Director: Bill Condon
Book and Lyrics: Bill Russell
Music: Henry Krieger
Conductor: Andy Einhorn
Choreographer: Anthony Van Laast
Casting: Laura Stanczyk Casting

DAISY HILTON: Female, 20-35 (Alto/Mezzo with belt; up to a sustained high G) A siamese twin. Sexual, charming, witty. Loves the limelight and thrives with attention. Sometimes resents her sister’s constant presence but simultaneously protects and constantly looks out for her welfare. Beautiful. Must move extremely well.

VIOLET HILTON: Female, 20-35 (Mezzo/Soprano with belt; up to a sustained high B). A siamese twin. More composed, conservative and gentler than her sister. Craves stability and dreams of becoming a wife and mother. Beautiful. Must move extremely well.

SIR/TODD BROWNING: Legal guardian of Daisy and Violet, whom he adopted shortly after they were born purely as a business investment. Owner of the SIDESHOW. Working class, British. Brutal, clever, wry. Transforms at the end of the play into Todd Browning, the director of FREAKS, the film which made the Hilton sisters, ever so briefly, movie stars.

TERRY CONNER: Male, 30’s- early 40’s (Baritone with strong upper range; Low G to a sustained high F#, and running high G). A talent scout and press agent for the Vaudeville circuit. Dapper, handsome, clever, smooth/suave, leading man. Well connected, in love with Daisy but without enough courage to accept the unique world in which she lives.

BUDDY FOSTER: Male, 20-35 (Tenor; big range, up to a sustained high A). An aspiring musician and choreographer – “A song and dance man.” Bright and energetic, but a bit naïve. Usher turned entertainer. Violet’s love interest. Not entirely in touch with his own sexuality. Well-intentioned.

JAKE: Male, African-American, 30’s-40s (Tenor/Baritone with strong top range). Sideshow Foreman. Physically imposing, should be tall, almost hulking in appearance. . In the Side Show plays “The Cannibal King.” The physical presences covers great gentleness and loyalty. In love with Violet and plays the role of protector to both the girls. Does not need to be a leading man. Must believably be the muscle of the Side Show and the secret heart at its core.

MALE AND FEMALE ENSEMBLE: Seeking men and women from their 20’s – 50’s. The roles below will be cast from this group of performers who populate the world of The Side Show and function as much, much more than an ensemble in the traditional sense. All must be great singers with range and musicianship and terrific actors who are unique, odd, eccentric, dark and filled with heart.

AUNTIE/LORETTA: Auntie was the first to exploit the twins. The woman who saved them from abandonment but began to display them as curiosities for money. She first professionally then personally partnered with Sir to monetize the twins. Loretta is a gossip columnist in Hollywood (a la Hedda Hopper).

MARTIN ARNOLD: Quintessential Texas lawyer. Smooth. Able to make any deal as long as he has access to the right liquor to with which to ply the powers that be.

FORTUNE TELLER: Female, open to any size, race, and age. A member of the Side Show. Must have an exotic look. Must have a strong belter/gospel voice.

REPTILE MAN: Male. Considered half man/half reptile. Tall and lean. A member of the Side Show. Race and age open. Eccentric movement a plus.

SNAKE LADY: Female, snake charmer. Race and age open. A member of the Side Show. Race and age open. Eccentric movement a plus.

SHEIK: Male (Middle-Eastern character). A member of the Side Show. Physicality, race and age open.

BEARDED LADY: Female. A member of the Side Show. Physicality, race and age open.

FAKIR: Far East/Indian character). Athletic build. A member of the Side Show. Physicality, race, and age open.

GEEK: Male. “Refined but deadly.” A member of the Side Show. Physicality, race and age open.

THE HOTTENTOT MATRON: Female. 40’s -50’s. A member of the Side Show.

RAY: Male. 20’s -30’s. A song and dance man. Works with Buddy, Daisy and Violet in their Vaudeville act.

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