GOOD PEOPLE - Geva Theatre Center Auditions

Posted: May 18, 2014

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GOOD PEOPLE - Submit for NY Appointment
Geva Theatre Center | Rochester, NY

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ATTN: Good People, Role of ___/aea submission
250 W. 54TH ST, 10th Fl
New York NY 10019
LORT Non-Rep
B $812/week min. **
Submissions from AEA members only for these auditions.
AEA member must submit him/herself to be considered via this posting.

see breakdown.

NY auditions held on : June 12, 13, 16, 2014 by appointment only.
Other Dates
This is a co-production with Indiana Repertory Theatre (actors paid at $753/week while at IRT)

see breakdown for dates
By David Lindsay-Abaire
Artistic Directors: Mark Cuddy (Geva)/Janet Allen (Indiana)
Dir: Mark Cuddy
Casting Office: Elissa Myers Casting
Casting Dir: Paul Fouquet
Casting Assoc: Karie Koppel
Mail or messenger submissions
Mark envelope: ATTN: Good People, Role of _____ /AEA submission

[MARGARET (MARGIE with a hard “G”) WALSH] (Female, Caucasian, 45-50)- Can’t catch a break. Rough around the edges, wry, working class South Boston. Has had a hard life that has taken away most of her attractiveness but it still shines through. Physically fit from taking care of her adult daughter with disabilities not from going to the gym. Desperate and determined.

[MIKE (MIKEY) DILLON] (Male, Caucasian, 45-50)- A working class kid who made good. From South Boston now lives in the upper-class suburb of Chestnut Hill. Went to U Penn and then medical school to become a fertility doctor for affluent patients. Married into an elite family from Georgetown. Smart, hardworking, ambitious, and attractive. Has worked hard to refine himself although his Southie accent slips out at moments of stress or high emotion. Has a dangerous edge and lots of anger that he tries to keep hidden. He goes to couples counseling with his wife, Kate, because of issues that pertain to him lying or not telling the whole truth.

[KATE ] (Female, African American, Early 30s)- Upper class, intelligent, cultured and refined. From an elite and influential family. In love with her unfaithful husband but is wise to his ways and insists on going to couples counseling with him. Kate loves to host parties and teaches literature at Boston University.

[JEAN] (Female, Caucasian, Mid 40s)- A tough talking truth teller. “A mouthie from Southie.” Funny. Takes no shit and is a good friend to Margie. Works a catering job at a banquet hall. Could throw a good punch if pushed to.

[STEVIE] (Male, Caucasian, Late 20s) Manager of a Dollar Store. From South Boston, patient, understanding but has a job to do. Trying to be a good person. Likes to play Bingo no matter how nerdy it looks. Probably kept quiet through high school so as not to be noticed.

[DOTTIE] – Role has been cast.

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