GOOD PEOPLE - Alliance Theatre Company Auditions

Posted: October 9, 2012

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GOOD PEOPLE- Submit Photo / Resume for NYC Appointments
Alliance Theatre (Atlanta, GA)LORT B; $765/week minimum
Artistic Director: Susan Booth
Director: Susan Booth
Writer: David Lindsay-Abaire
Casting: Harriet Bass
1stReh.: 12/18/12. Runs: 1/16/13 - 2/10/13

NYC auditions will be held on October 29, by appointment only.
Seeking submissions fromActors' Equity Members onlyfor these auditions.

For consideration, mail picture and resume to:

Harriet Bass Casting
648 Broadway #912
New York, NY 10012
Attn: GOOD PEOPLE / AEA Submission

Caucasian, Female, late 40s – early 50s. The single mother of a mentally disabled adult daughter, who has lived her entire life in the lower class Southie neighborhood of Boston. Outgoing, witty, and hopeful. Street-wise. Can’t catch a break-living constantly on the brink of financial desperation has made her discerning and occasionally aggressive. Has had a hard life that has taken away most of her attractiveness but it still shines through. Physically fit from taking care of her adult daughter with disabilities.

African-American, Female, early-mid 30s. Mike’s wife. Pretty, bright, intelligent. From an elite and influential family, Kate is a gracious hostess, and a stable and calm presence in Mike’s life. Unafraid to stand up for herself – and there’s some anger under her serene exterior – but she’s not interested in making a scene. She’s too well-bred for that. Content in her own skin.

Caucasian, Male, late 40s-early 50s. Old boyfriend of Margie's. Raised in South Boston but now lives in the upper-class suburb of Chestnut Hill. He married into an influential family and is a wealthy fertility doctor. His exterior is very smooth, but when pressed he can become a tough guy. Smart, hardworking, ambitious, and attractive. Has worked hard to refine himself although his Southie accent slips out in stressful moments.

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