GENERAL AUDITION - Carousel Players and Roseneath Theatre Auditions

Posted: July 11, 2014

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NOTE: This audition is for the regions: Toronto, ON and St. Catherines, ON

Audition day 1:08/29/2014
City: Toronto

Audition day 2:08/30/2014
City: Toronto

Artistic Director or casting person in attendance: Pablo Felices-Lunaand Andrew Lamb
Deadline to submit:07/28/2014
Email applications
Contact name: Tara Johnston
Contact phone:(905) 328-6597
Link to detailed casting information:, and
Agreement: CTA

Ethno-cultural mandate or ethno-cultural casting statement:

Carousel Players and Roseneath Theatre seek to be a reflection of theaudiences we serve. For this reason, we reach out to artists from allcultural backgrounds.

Additional information:

Carousel Players and Roseneath Theatre are pleased to announce our jointGeneral Auditions. Please note Carousel Players engages under the CTAwhile Roseneath Theatre engages under the ITA.

To submit, send a photo and resume use the following formattonameyourfiles:FirstnameLastnameWhatisit(e.g.TaraJohnstonResumeorTaraJohnstonPicture) and be mindful of file size. Only those granted anaudition will be contacted.Carousel Players and Roseneath Theatre hire adult actors to play allroles, including those of children. We do not accept submissions fromchild performers.

You will be asked to prepare 2 contrasting monologues. Look for piecesthat best showcase your work while being appropriate for youngaudiences.

Equity members will be seen first at all open audition calls. Equitymembers cast in this production will beengaged under an Equity form of contract.CAEAmembers: please bringyour membership card to the audition.

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