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DELAWARE THEATRE CO. 2020-21 SEASON - Delaware Theatre Company Auditions

Posted: March 18, 2020

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Delaware Theatre Co. 2020-21 Season - Video Submission Request
Delaware Theatre Company | Wilmington, DE

Due to COVID-19 and Social Distancing Efforts, accepting Video Submission Auditions.

LORT Non-Rep

Video Submissions from Equity actors and actor/singers for various roles in the upcoming season.
Delaware Theatre Company's standard 8- show week schedule includes two 10:30 AM student matinees
DTC does not use understudies
Each production uses AEA stage manager, but DTC has long-standing relationships with two area stage managers.

In light of COVID-19 concerns, DTC will accept video auditions (preferably via a YouTube or Vimeo link) until March 31, 2020.
Send materials (including h/s and resume) to The video audition could consist of 2 contrasting monologues or 2 songs or 1 song and 1 monologue.
Deadline: 03/31/2020


David Stradley, Artistic Associate


Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with
disabilities, to submit.


2020-2021 Season Casting Breakdown
An Act of God
Playwright: David Javerbaum
Director: TBD
First Rehearsal: 8/25/20
First Preview: 9/16/20
Opening: 9/19/20
Closing: 10/4/20
GOD: Seeking name actor for this role.
GABRIEL: Another Angel.
The Lifespan of a Fact
Playwright: Jeremy Kareken & David Murrell and Gordon Farrell
Director: Matt Pfeiffer
First Rehearsal: 9/29/20
Preview: 10/21/20
Opening: 10/24/20
Closing: 11/8/20
JOHN D’AGATA: Essayist, 40s-60s
EMILY PENROSE: Editor-in-Chief of a prominent NY magazine, late 40s to 60s
JIM FINGAL: Intern/fact-checker, mid-20s
Plaid Tidings
Book: Stuart Ross
Lyrics & Music: Various
Diretcor: Matt Silva
First Rehearsal: 11/10/20
Preview: 12/2/20
Opens: 12/5/20
Closes: 12/20/20
FRANCIS: The leader and caretaker of the group. Confident. Asthmatic. He has a great deal of
compassion for the music and the group. Romantic crooner and spiritual singer. Male 20-40. Vocal
range: top B5 – bottom F3.
JINX: The shy one. He lives his life terrified and doesn't always remember what song comes next.
Sparky's step-brother, he occasionally gets a nosebleed when he sings above an A. Male 20-40.
Vocal range: top D6 – bottom F3.
SMUDGE: The worrier. He worries about the props, the running order, and always assumes the
audience won't like him. Has chronic nervous stomach and is oddly reluctant to perform. Wears
glasses, which hides his good looks and sex appeal. Male 20-40. Vocal range: top G5 – bottom F3.
SPARKY: The clown of the group, who is shown to have a heart. Very sharp and loves singing his
tailor-made solos. Wears a retainer and has a slight speech impediment. Energetic and clever. Male
20-40. Vocal range: top G5 – bottom F3.
Brighton Beach Memoirs
Playwright: Neil Simon
Director: Bud Martin
First Rehearsal: 1/19/21
First Preview: 2/10/21
Opening: 2/13/21
Closing: 2/28/21
EUGENE: almost 15, keeps a detailed journal of his family’s eccentricities
BLANCHE: 38, recently widowed
KATE JEROME: 40 year-old, Blanche’s sister, Eugene’s mother, holds the family together
LAURIE: Eugene’s younger sister, 13, studios, yet mischievous
NORA: Eugene’s older sister, 16, ambitious with dreams of Broadway
STANLEY JEROME: 18, Eugene’s older brother, works in a factory
JACOB “JACK” JEROME: about 40, Eugene’s father, works two jobs
Other World
Music & Lyrics: Jeff Bowen and Ann McNamee
Book: Hunter Bell
Director: Adrienne Campbell-Holt
First Rehearsal: 3/8/21
First Preview: 4/15/21
Opening: 4/23/21
Closing: 5/9/21 (Possible extension 5/16/21)
TEMULA: Leader of the Forces of Light. NPC character in Other World.
SRI: An avid gamer.
JENN: A teenaged high school student. Avid gamer.
MYRA: A professor of Computer Science and Software Engineering. Avid gamer.
TRIS: An avid gamer currently working a mind-numbing cubicle job.
HECTOR: Sri's neighbor.
ROMAN LLOYD: A wealthy, ego-maniacal former employee of Ultimate Games.
SUMITA: Co-creator of the video game Other World. Sri's mom.
LORRAINE: A non-gamer.
J-MAN: PC avatar created by Jenn. A tank.
MAX OUT: PC avatar created by Tris. A ranged fighter.
THE DRAZ: PC avatar created by Myra. A healer.
ANTAGON: Leader of the Army of Korberac. NPC character in Other World.
1011: Korberac Informant. NPC character in Other World.
XcHLE: Zone Merchant. NPC character in Other World.
QUARTZ GUARD: Member of Army of Korberac. NPC character in Other World.
RAVINE MARAUDER: NPC character in Other World.
WILL: Co-creator of the video game Other World. Lorraine's father.
TIGER SHRIKE: PC avatar created by Sumita and currently played by Sri. A slayer.

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