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CREEP - WaterTower Theatre Auditions

Posted: June 12, 2015

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CREEP - Photo/Resume Request

WaterTower Theatre | Addison, TX

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SPT 6 minimum - $430/wk

A world premiere production, CREEP takes place in 1880’s London.

Please see Breakdown for details.

Other Dates
Performance Dates:October 2-25, 2015
Rehearsals Begin: 6/3September 8, 2015

Directed by Kate Galvin
Music Directed by Kevin Gunter

Headshot and resume are required when submitting.



A world premiere production, CREEP takes place in 1880’s London. All actors must have a facility with dialects as the show weaves between the upper class and lower class worlds. The score is musically challenging and requires adept singers with an ability to read music in all roles.

Christian – Tenor, reads early 20’s. An attractive young piano instructor with a secret. He’s a gay man in a time when revealing your sexual orientation could land you in jail, so he’s not effete in any way. A charming and polite man who has a well of rage inside him. Seeking a versatile actor with a great voice. Piano skills are plus, but not a requirement.

Jackson – Baritone/Bari-Tenor, reads early to mid-40’s. A handsome and wealthy doctor. He is smooth and authoritative, but deeply disturbed and weak beneath his slick veneer. Seeking a charismatic leading man who isn’t afraid to show his darker side.

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