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CONTEMPORARY AMERICAN THEATRE FESTIVAL 2012 SEASON - Contemporary American Theatre Festival Auditions

Posted: April 4, 2012

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Contemporary American Theatre Festival 2012 Season

EPAs by Appointment in WV

(Shepherdstown, WV)LORT d; $566/week minimum

Artistic Director: Ed Herendeen

Casting Director: Pat Mccorkle

Casting Associate: Joe Lopick

Casting Assistant: Katja Zarolinski

Season1stRehearsal:6/5/12. Season 1stPreview: 7/4/12. Opens: 7/6/12. Season Closes: 7/29/12

(approx. 40 miles west of Washington DC

Equity Principal Auditions by APPOINTMENT

Tuesday, April 17, 2012atShepherd University, Center for Contemporary Art

AND92 West Campus Drive, Room 202

Wednesday, April 18, 2012Shepherdstown, WV 25443

(parking permits will be made available at the

10 AM – 6 PM each dayaudition office)

Lunch from 1 - 2.

Please email Peggy McKowen atpmckowen@shepherd.eduto schedule an appointment. Do not send headshots. Bring resumes and headshots to the audition. AEA members without appointments will be seen as time permits.

Preparea2 minutecontemporarymonologue.

Bring picture and resume, stapled together.

Seekinga cast of versatile actors to play multiple roles in this rotating repertory season. Please note: characters will probably be doubled as detailed below, but these pairings are subject to change

2012 repertory:


by Evan M. Wiener – Directed by Ed Herendeen


by Bess Wohl – Directed by TBA


by Johnna Adams – Directed by Ed Herendeen


by Neil LaBute – Directed by Ed Herendeen


by Bob Clyman – Directed by Tracy Brigden


Actor 1:


?Bobby:male, 30s-40s. Handsome, strong, sexy and charming. He is a contractor. He has a temper and a good bullshit detector. He is masculine, the “All American Male” type. He loves his older sister. This role requires hand-to hand stage combat.

?Peter Malkin:a brash, spirited, artistic Israeli MOSSAD agent with three specialties: 1) hand-to-hand combat; 2) explosives; 3) disguise. He is a strongman for the MOSSAD. He is aggressive and righteous. Physically, he is the strongest guy in the house. He is volatile but charming and clever. (Israeli accent.)

Actor 2:


?Betty:female, 40-45. An attractive, sexy woman at least five years older than Bobby her younger brother. She is a college dean/professor of English Lit. She is clever, skilled in deception, charming with a sense of humor. She is strong willed and volatile and passionate. This role requires hand-to-hand stage combat.

Actor 3:


?Gwen:female, 30s. A divorced mother of a 5 year old son (the product of artificial insemination), She is a research scientist/teacher. She is judgmental, entitled, superior, patronizing and brittle. She is hypersensitive, high-strung and intense. Very insecure, and terrified of being rejected.

Actor 4


?Allie:female 30s. A married mother of a 5 year old son. She is a full-time wife and mother. She is loud, brassy, irreverent and full of attitude. She is friendly in an expansive, in-your-face way with large comedic energy. She is a blue-collar “Jersey girl” and proud of it.

?Irene:pretends to be late 20s, she is actually 35. She is a young American tourist. Bubbly, funny, and charming, but masking a deeper feeling of terror. She has a profound strength and wisdom far beyond what she herself could ever expect.

Actor 5


?Tom:male, 30s-40s. Allie’s husband. He is a low level white-collar salesman from a blue-collar upbringing and proud of it. He is gregarious and loud, with big comic energy. He is boisterous, and overly friendly with natural charm. He has a hair trigger temper that goes from zero to 60 in a second.

?Hans:male, 38. He is an Israel/MOSSAD interrogator born in Berlin. He operates with iciness and efficiency—he is cool, rigid, by-the-book. He never likes to lose control. He is intimidating. Hans is the ice to Malkin’s fire. This role requires hand-to-hand stage combat. (German accent.)

Actor 6


?Claire:female, 40s. She is the program director of the donor insemination research program. She is extremely intelligent, a master of persuasion and control with a no nonsense quality. She bears her own private grief over never having a child of her own. She is commanding. She is a patrician.

Actor 7

(Eichmann: CAPTORS)

?Adolf Eichmann:male, 54. Iconic for his role in the Holocaust. He is a former Nazi bureaucrat. He is twitchy, cunning, and savvy, in matters of survival. He is a company man who remains startlingly unrepentant - even indignant. He is intelligent and charming with a steel spine. This role requires hand-to-hand stage combat. (German accent.)

Actor 8


?Uzi:male, 34. A MOSSAD agent and team leader of the Israeli Operation Eichmann. He is small, yet strong, outwardly easy-going but with deep rooted purpose and conviction. He commands respect. He possesses a fair minded leadership style. He becomes Malkin’s conscience. This role requires hand-to hand stage combat. (Israeli accent.)

Actor 9


?Cohn:male, 30s. He is an American writer and journalist. He is agreeable, studious, earnest, smart and thorough in his work. He is interested in the truth. This role requries hand-to-hand stage combat.

Actor 10


?Manuel:male, 50s-60s. He is a sensual, elegant, handsome Spaniard from Madrid. He has a dry wit and a dangerous, quiet magnetism. He can command a room without saying a word. He is sexy and darkly mysterious. He has a bottomless well of deep grief, profound loss, and an EXPLOSIVE combination of rage and despair. (Spanish accent.)

Actor 11

(Heather Clark: GIDION’S KNOT)

?Heather:female, 40s. A former AD executive, now a grade school teacher. She is reserved and measured…BUT…prone to high anxiety and panic attacks.

Actor 12

(Corryn Fell: GIDION’S KNOT)

?Corryn:female, 40s-50s. A professor. She has a big presence. She is demanding, arrogant, difficult and brilliant. She is self critical and brutally honest.

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