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CLYBOURNE PARK - Pittsburgh Public Theatre Auditions

Posted: January 25, 2013

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CLYBOURNE PARK-Submit Photo / Resume for NYC Appointments
Pittsburgh Public Theater (Pittsburgh, PA)LORT B; $765/week minimum
Artistic Director: Ted Pappas
Director: Pam Berlin
Playwright: Bruce Norris
Casting Dir: Pat McCorkle
Associate Casting Director: Joe Lopick
Casting Assistant: Katja Zarolinski
Rehearsals: March 26, 2013. Runs: April 28 - May 19, 2013

NYC auditions will be held on an upcoming date TBD, by appointment only.
Seeking submissions fromActors' Equity Members onlyfor these auditions.

For consideration, email picture and resume to:

Indicate in the subject line: CLYBOURNE PARK / AEA Submission


Actor 1
  • RUSS(Act I 1959) White, mid-40’s to early 50s. An intensely private man, stricken with grief at his son’s death and with anger at the community but determined to soldier on. He scorns outward displays of “expressing emotion.” Underneath a wry sense of humor. Loves his wife. May work for an insurance company. Born and bred in the Midwest. Loves geography but has probably never traveled abroad.
  • DAN(Act II 2009) A pretty happy, content guy. Contracting work may be a second career for him. He may have been a Deadhead (Grateful Dead) or some such back in the day. Garrulous, blunt, assumes everyone else will be as open and friendly as he is. Funny.

Actor 2
  • KARL(Act I 1959) White, late 20s to mid-30s. Karl has found that adhering to a strict code of behavior and ethics serves him best in life. He is uncomfortable with people and has to control every situation. Tightly wound. He may have taken a Dale Carnegie course—how to win friends and influence people—but it didn’t much good. Attempts humor. It’s no accident that he married a deaf woman who has to rely on him for almost everything.
  • STEVE(Act II 2009) Smart, skeptical, has been supportive of his wife’s plans to move back into the city because he hates the suburbs, but he is now starting to have lots of doubts: the Mansion they’re building, impending parenthood, his marriage. At heart he can’t stand hypocrisy, and as a result he puts his foot in his mouth. He may be a writer, a teacher—whatever he does, he makes less money than his wife.

Actor 3
  • ALBERT(Act I 1959) Black, 30s. A kind man, devoted to his family. Blue collar. Has learned the deferential role he is expected to play in this conventional, white world. Very observant. His quiet demeanor masks a mordant wit.
  • KEVIN(Act II 2009) Probably didn’t grow up in Clybourne Park but supports his wife all the way. Easy-going, likes to be liked. May have a corporate or I.T. job. Has all the latest gadgets. His casual attire tends towards the preppy look. A milder counterbalance to his wife Lena’s intensity.

Actor 4
  • JIM(Act I 1959) White, Late 20s. A young minister (Episcopalian or Presbyterian) who prides himself on his compassionate, inciteful relationships with his parishioners and members of the community. He knows a bit about “human psychology.” Thinks of himself as a progressive, but when push comes to shove, is pretty status quo in his values. He hates conflict.
  • TOM(Act II 2009) A lawyer who is probably representing the Clybourne Park neighborhood association pro bono. He may be trying to “give back” to cover the sins of his father, a realtor who betrayed the white neighborhood back in 1959. He is trying to be patient and solicitous in this tense situation. Very smart.
  • KENNETH(flashback: 1956) At this point (1956), he is shattered. By nature quiet, studious, perhaps artistic before he went off to the Korean War, where he killed civilians and was subsequently psychically destroyed by his actions.

Actress 1
  • BEV(Act I 1959) White, mid 40s to 50. Appears to be the quintessential 50’s housewife. Warm. Relies on order and staying busy to keep her going these days. Her chattering masks a deep anxiety about her husband’s depression and her inability to help him.
  • KATHY(Act II 2009) Kathy is assertive, she likes to win. She has probably gotten her second wind after having her raised her kids and divorced her first husband and gotten back into the workforce. She’s pursuing her law career –and life—with gusto. Probably likes bold outfits with big jewelry.

Actress 2
  • BETSY(Act I 1959) White, late 20s to early 30s, Betsy’s deafness (since birth) is regarded as an impairment by those around her. They are solicitous, but she is treated as a lesser human being. She has accepted her lot with a gentle sweetness. She tries to be the perfect wife and citizen in her isolated world, and is probably grateful that she found a husband in Karl.
  • LINDSEY(Act II 2009) It is so important to Lindsey that she be liked and perceived as being oh-so-politically correct. Buying this house and all the architectural plans were her idea. A sweet exterior belies the shark underneath. Her casual clothes come from expensive boutiques. She has a high powered corporate job and makes more money than her husband. One of the sources of tension between them.

Actress 3
  • FRANCINE(Act I 1959) Black, Early to mid-30s Probably has a number of housecleaning jobs to help support her family. Has learned to play the game and assume a deferential role in this conservative, white world. Appears genial and patient. Very efficient. She understands Russ and Bev’s pain but will be relieved when they move away. Very smart.
  • LENA(Act II 2009) Very smart, very proud. Staying in the neighborhood since her childhood has been a choice for her. She juggles her job (pediatrician perhaps?) as well as running her family—a husband and three children. She does not suffer fools gladly. She is the one who insisted on this meeting today. Intense and canny.

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