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CATS - La Mirada Theatre for the Performing Arts Auditions

Posted: January 15, 2014

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Cats - ECC/EPA Singers

McCoy/Rigby Entertainment|La Mirada, CA

Date of Audition:

Call Type
Equity Chorus

Friday, February 7, 2014
10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Sign in begins at9:00 AM

Minimum $760/wk

La Mirada Rehearsal Hall
15519 Phoebe
La Mirada, CA 90638

Triple threat Equity performers of all ethnic backgrounds are encouraged to attend.

Please bring 2 copies of headshot/resume stapled back to back. Prepare material in the musical theater style of CATS. You are welcome to sing from the show. Prepare at least 2 pieces of music & have sheet music ready for accompanist (i.e. prepped in binder, marked for clarity). Accompanist provided.

Other Dates
Rehearsal:4/1/14Open: 4/18 Close: 5/11
Performances areWednesdayandThursdaynight (7:30pm),Friday 8pm,Saturday 2pm and 8pmandSundaymatinee (2pm). Rehearsals are typically11amto 7. Rehearsal Hours subject to change.

Associate Director/Choreographer- Billy Johnstone
Musical Director- John Glaudini
Audition Coordinator- Angie Rodriguez

Dana Solimando- Director/ Choreographer
Other members of the Creative Team may stop by, but are not scheduled for the duration.
· Chorus rules are in effect.
· A monitor will be provided.

This ECC Singers call will be run as an EPA. Sign in begins at9:00 AM.
Performers of all ethnic and racial background are encouraged to attend.
Always bring your Equity Membership Card to auditions.


CATS Character Breakdown

Bombalurina Female- “The Bombshell”. Strong high belt. Sings “Macavity” Must dance well. Triple threat.

Bustopher Jones/Gus/Growltiger Male- “Opera, Theatrical Cat”. Strong tenor, two-octave range to B flat. Transforms from elderly to young actor/opera singer in his prime.
Dance minimal

Demeter Female- Sings “Macavity” with Bombalurina. Strong high belt. Average to tall. Excellent dancer. Triple threat.

Grizabella –PRE CAST

Jellylorum/Griddlebone Female-The “Opera Cat”. Wide range soprano, low G# to High C. dance a plus, but not necessary. Must move well. Age range 20’s-40’s

Jennyanydots Female- “The Gumby Cat” Character actress who taps & moves well. All body types, 30’s-40’s. Soprano.

Munkastrap Male-Narrator. Commanding presence. Average height to tall. Baritone with two octave range up to G. Must move well. Dance a plus.

Old Deuteronomy Male-Regal, Gentle, large, robust man. Strong Baritone with a two octave range up to G. Dance minimal to none

Rum Tum Tugger Male- “Rock n Roll” cat. All types from young Elvis to David Lee Roth to Freddy Mercury etc…Must move well. Bring Rock song to audition

Skimbleshanks Male- “The Railway Cat” Quirky character actor plus singer/dancer. Physical comedy a plus. Tenor. Triple threat


Alonzo Male- Strong, Sensual Tomcat. Tall, Excellent dancer who sings. Good with lifts.

Cassandra Female-“The striking Abyssinian” or “Siamese Cat”. Long, sleek & proud. Excellent dancer with beautiful lithe body. Tall. Singing a plus but not necessary.

Coricopat- Male- Tantomile’s Twin. Excellent dancer who sings

Mistoffelees Male-“The Magical, Conjuring Cat” Outstanding male dancer with strong ballet. Must have excellent solid turns. Short to average height. Young & playful. Singing a plus but not necessary.

Mungojerrie Male-Lovable juvenile delinquent. Excellent dancer/singer with lots of energy. Physical comedy a plus. Triple threat.

Plato/Macavity Male-Tall, Strong, Sexy & Athletic. Able to play the villain (Macavity) Excellent dancer who is good with lifts. Tumbling a plus.

Pouncival Male-The innocent but playful young kitten. Short, Excellent dancer. Understudy to Mistofelees.

Rumpleteazer Female- Mungojerie’s partner in crime. Excellent dancer/singer with lots of energy. Short & spunky. Belt. Acro a plus but not nesecary. Triple threat.

Sillabub Female- Precious young female kitten. petite dancer/singer. Soprano. Should have a pure innocent (childlike) vocal quality.

Tantomile Female- Coricopats Twin. Excellent dancer who sings.

Tumblebrutus Male- Excellent male dancer who sings. Great lifter & tumbler. Average to short in height.

Victoria “The White Cat” Outstanding, petite female dancer with excellent ballet & strong/high développé. Should be able to play a combination of young & sexy. Singing a plus but not necessary.

** Most dancers in the show sing up to a G, but there are a few exceptions. All types encouraged to audition. Bring flat dance shoes & wear dance clothes that show your body.

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