CARNAVAL - National Black Theatre Auditions

Posted: August 12, 2014

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CARNAVAL - Equity Principal Auditions
National Black Theatre | New York, NY
Date of Audition:

Call Type
Equity Principal
Equity Principal Auditions
10 AM to 6 PM
lunch 2 to 3
National Black Theatre
2031-33 Fifth Avenue
at 125th Street (Harlem)
New York, NY 10035

3 Male Equity Actors. Actors will play a 14-year time span.

see breakdown
Sides will be provided at the auditions.

Bring picture and resume, stapled together
Other Dates
Rehearsal - September 29 - Octber 18
Previews - October 21-24
October 25 - November 16 (possible extension Nov 20-23)
Shows run - Thursday - Sunday (5 shows a week)
Director: Awoye Timpo
Playwright - Nikkole Salter
Sade Lythcott, Producer
Jonathan McCrory - Artistic Director
· EPA Rules are in effect.
· A monitor will be provided.
Performers of all ethnic and racial background are encouraged to attend.
Always bring your Equity Membership Card to auditions.

SYNOPSIS: A year ago in Brooklyn, two young men mourned the untimely loss of their best friend. In his honor they decided then and there that, despite their differences, no matter where life took them, they would take care of his younger brother, and get together on their anniversary of his death to celebrate the life he should have had. So, on a cold day in the winter of 1996, these three 20-somethings board a plane for Rio De Janeiro for a taste of the good life: sun, fun, and, of course, women - what better way to pay homage to a fallen friend? But what starts out as a joyride takes an unexpected turn and the three sex tourists find themselves in a situation that will change their friendships and their lives forever.

Seeking 3 Male Equity Actors. Actors will portray characters in a 14-year time span.

In 1996: a 26 year old police officer, husband and father to a 5 year old daughter from the Bedford Stuyvesant community in Brooklyn, NY. Overwhelmed with responsibility, he struggles to reconcile his moral conscious with his desires; who he wants to be, with who he is.
In 2010: a 40 year old man suffering from unsurmountable injuries trying to make peace with the role he played in his own fate and his need for reconciliation.

In 1996: a 21 year old college student from the community of Bed-Stuy in Brooklyn, NY. The Younger brother of the recently deceased Jared, Jalni is riddled with insecurities that he tries to mask with sexual prowess and bravado while striving for attention, recognition, respect and individual identity.
In 2010: a 35 year old husband of a Dominican wife and father to an 8 year old son. Jalani is spiritually evolved and the lynch-pin to any reconciliation Raheem and Demetrius may have

In 1996: a 20 year old educated, yet failed entrepreneur also from Brooklyn looking for a way to gain the necessary capital to launch his Manhattan night club. Unsatisfied with the outcome of mediocrity displayed by his own parents and peers, and deathly afraid of poverty, he is willing to do anything to make sure he rises to the top.
In 2010: a 40 year old owner of Club Carnaval, a premier hip-hop night club themed around Brazil’s cultural attraction, Carnaval. He is shrewd and resourceful and yet because of his success he is even more entrenched in his by any means necessary mantra.

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