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BLOOD AND GIFTS - Lincoln Center Theatre Auditions

Posted: March 15, 2011

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BLOOD AND GIFTS– Equity Principal Auditions

Lincoln Center Theatre LORT $765/week minimum.

Artistic Dir: Andre Bishop

Author: J. T. Rogers

Dir: Bartlett Sher

Casting: Daniel Swee

1st reh: 9/22/11. Runs 10/27/11 – 1/1/12 at the Mitzi E. Newhouse Theatre.

Equity Principal Auditions:

Monday, March 28, 2011Nola Studios

10 AM – 6 PM250 West 54th Street, 11th Floor

Lunch from 1:30 – 2:30.New York City

Line up outside 250 W 54


NOToutside 244!

Sides will be provided at the audition. Please bring a picture & resume, stapled back-to-back.

Takes place from 1981 to 1991 in Pakistan, America and Afghanistan.


James (Jim) Warnock:

30s, Caucasian American. CIA operative sent to Pakistan to find, fund and arm anti-Soviet Afghan fighters. Charismatic, heroic with a dry sense of humor, he is sharply intelligent, deft and clever. Forward-charging, with a big emotional well. The kind of man who, when a gun is drawn on him, doesn’t blink.

Abdullah Khan:

Early 40s – early 50s, Afghan man. A warlord and noble, larger-than-life philosopher/warrior who gains Warnock’s respect and trust to back his cause. Powerful and vital man with a charismatic presence and gravitas that looms over the entire play.

Simon Craig:

30s, Caucasian British. Intelligent, biting and comic, he seethes with self-loathing and reeks of alcohol. Constantly frustrated by his government’s skinflintery, and equally frustrated by his country’s lack of influence. Great with language, and emotionally messy beneath his Englishness.

Dmitri Gromov:

40s–50s, Caucasian Russian man. Chief KGB operative in the region. A career operative, he is smart, cynical, masculine, droll and darkly tragic. Spends much of his life away from his family, and is acutely aware that he has little influence on them from far away.


20s, Afghan man. One of Abdullah’s soldiers and a trusted advisor, he serves as a translator before Abdullah’s English rapidly improves. Tightly coiled and hot-headed, self-assured and too cocky for his own good. Dangerous, but also a natural comedian.

Colonel Afridi:

30s–40s, Pakistani man. High-ranking military intelligence officer whose men leap to their feet when he passes. Smooth, sharp and charming, he’s constantly going toe to toe with Warnock. By play’s end, he chills us with his fanaticism and rage.

Walter Barnes:

Late 40s – early 60s. Caucasian American. Warnock’s mentor at the CIA. Irish-Catholic, blue-collar, charismatic, sharply intelligent, with a great sense of humor and sense of bravado. A good guy, but you don’t want to mess with him.

Senator Jefferson Birch:

50s–60s. Caucasian American. A peacock of a politician. Smooth and sly as a fox, he’s a senator from South Carolina. A star politician, he’s a Southern blowhard, in love with the lilt of his own accent. Smooth and well-informed, he uses his words to cut like a knife.

Military Clerk / Mujahid:

Male, 20s.

Clerk:Pakistani. Military clerk to Col. Afridi. Ingratiating but wry, he is the embodiment of a "yes, sir; right away, sir" British-trained colonial officer.

Mujahid:One of Abdullah’s soldiers.

US Soldier / Administrative Aide:

Male, 20s, American, any ethnicity.

Soldier:Special Forces fighter protecting Jim in the mountains on the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Impeccably trained and fit.

Aide:Harried, trying-not-to-lose-his-cool political aide, working for Warnock in Washington DC.

CIA Analyst:

20s, Caucasian American man. Wholesome, eager, chipper company man. Actor may also play one of Abdullah's soldiers.

Political Speechwriter / Mujahid:

Male, 30s.

Speechwriter:American, any ethnicity. Tightly-wound-to-the-point-of-ulcer-suffering politico. A creature of the Beltway who can't see anything else beyond his own world.

Mujahid:One of Abdullah's soldiers.

Congressional Staffer:

20s–30s, American woman, any ethnicity. Sexy, smart, Type-A workaholic; good at her job, wielding wickedly sharp elbows. Has a reputation that you do not cross her. Ever.

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