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BARRINGTON STAGE 2016 SEASON - Barrington Stage Company Auditions

Posted: January 12, 2016

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Barrington Stage LOA/SPT Shows - MA EPA

Barrington Stage Company | Pittsfield, MA

Date of Audition:

Call Type
Equity Principal

Equity Principal and Chorus Auditions

Friday, January 22, 2016
10 AM to 5:30 PM
lunch 1 to 1:30

$550/week and SPT $535/week

Boyd-Quinson Mainstage Theatre
30 Union St
Pittsfield, MA 01201

Equity actors for the LOA Season Plays, as well as for 3 shows in the SPT Season.

See breakdown for info.

Prepare either:

1) a brief dramatic and brief comedic monologue of no more than 2 minutes in total length. OR

2) 32 bars of a traditional up-tempo song that shows your range. An accompanist will be provided. OR

3) One monologue and one song.

Bring a headshot and resume stapled together

Other Dates
see breakdown for show dates


Artistic Director: Julianne Boyd
· A monitor will

not be provided. The producer will run all aspects of this audition.

AEA members call 413-499-5446 between 9:30am - 5:30pm, Monday - Friday for an appointment.
Performers of all ethnic and racial background are encouraged to attend.
Always bring your Equity Membership Card to auditions.



SPT Shows: KIMBERLY AKIMBO, PRESTO CHANGE-O, and Untiltled Bounty Hunter Project



by Christopher Demos-Brown
Dir: Julianne Boyd
1st reh: 5/24/16. 1st prev 6/17. Opens: 6/22. Closing- 7/9

AMERICAN SON examines our nation's racial divide through the eyes of an estranged, biracial couple. Over the course of a tense night, the couple’s disparate histories and backgrounds collide as they confront an unexpected crisis involving the police and their missing 18-year old son.


African-American, female, 40s to early 50s. Kendra, a professor of psychology and the mother of a teenage son, is recently separated from her White husband. Is emotionally raw but trying to keep it together behind a professional façade. She is exceptionally intelligent and self-possessed.

White, male, late 40s to 50s. Kendra’s estranged husband. Scott is an FBI agent of predominantly Irish ancestry. He takes pride in his family’s long tradition of military service. Though he can be rigid in his views, he has a warm, sensitive side and is a deeply loving and devoted father. Has obvious contained power, but when pushed can explode.

White, male, mid-20s to 30. An intelligent, congenial young police officer with bold career ambitions who lacks actual life experience. While always trying to do the right thing, he often says the wrong thing at the wrong time. His naivety can appear comic at times.

African-American, male, late 40s-60. A tough, no-nonsense, career police officer who is used to having people listen when he talks. He has paid his dues, knows the rules, and has no hesitation enforcing them.


By Nina Raine
Dir: Jenn Thompson
1st reh: 7/26/16. 1st preview: 8/18. Opens: 8/21. Closes: 9/4

Billy is the youngest son and only Deaf member of a fiercely intelligent, highly opinionated and proudly politically incorrect family living in North London. In an attempt to require Billy to adapt to the hearing world, neither his parents nor siblings have allowed sign language to be learned or used in their home. But when Billy meets and falls for Sylvia, a young woman from a Deaf family, she introduces him to Deaf culture which ignites a struggle for self-identity and a rebellion against his hearing family. Winner of the 2012 Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Play, Tribes is a sharp, funny and poignant new drama about seeking a place to be heard and finding a family that feels like home.


Male, 50’s. The fiercely intelligent and gruffly domineering father of the household, Christopher hides his tender heart with biting humor and an exacting attitude. Actor must be able to do a standard British accent.

Female, 50’s. Christopher’s wife and the mother of the family. Loving, funny, and a bit bohemian, Beth constantly strives to diffuse tensions in her household by providing a warm and accepting alternative to her husband’s overbearing nature. Actor must be able to do a standard British accent.

Male, Late 20’s. The oldest of the children, Daniel struggles with an emotional anxiety disorder, which causes him to stutter and to hear voices. Intense, charming and difficult, he hides his dependence on his younger brother by acting as his protector and advocate. Actor must be able to do a standard British accent.

Female, Mid-20’s. The middle child. Caustic and clever, Ruth struggles to be noticed and appreciated in her family. Combative with her father and often at war with her older brother Daniel, she uses both her intelligence and humor to mask her career and relationship insecurities. Actor must be able to do a standard British accent.

Male, Early-Mid 20’s, Deaf. Billy is the youngest. He is Deaf, wears hearing aids, voices, and reads lips well. Empathetic and sensitive, he struggles with his increasing feelings of distance from his family while embracing his new found independence. This role requires extensive sign language, and voicing as well. Actor must be able to do a standard British accent and will need to sign at the audition.

Female, 20’s. Born hearing and raised by Deaf parents, Sylvia is now going Deaf herself. Smart, out-spoken and attractive, she maintains her confidence and humor in the face of an uncertain future. Actor must be able to do a standard British accent, have some knowledge of ASL, and will need to sign at the audition.


By Mark St. Germain
Artistic Director: Julianne Boyd
Director: TBA
1st reh: 9/13/16. 1st preview: 10/5. Opens; 10/9. Closes: 10/23

In 1921, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and President Warren G. Harding took a camping trip together into the Maryland woods to escape civilization; what they couldn't escape was each other. Inspired by an actual event, Camping with Henry and Tom is an exploration of friendship, politics and leadership; a comedic and dramatic clash of two great minds and one great heart of the twentieth century.


50’s, male. Fierce, driven machine of a man. Ford is opinionated and combustible. He has no need for introspection since he’s certain he’s always right. Ford’s an instant expert on every topic, lack of knowledge being no deterrent. Trumpish.

50’s, male. Harding’s a genial, charismatic man with a good heart who should have chosen any other post in life than the Presidency. Though he has the natural instincts of a politician, he’d be more comfortable as a small town mayor than in the shark tank of the White House. Harding is a man in love. Unfortunately, it’s not with his wife.

70’s, male. Worshipped by all around him, especially Henry Ford, Edison is a shrewd man with sharp humor. He has a cynicism he’d term realism. He decided long ago that the world is a failed experiment no inventor can overhaul .Edison isolates himself, but finds himself reluctantly being pulled into the conflict between Ford and Harding when he realizes how much is at stake.

30’s, male. Col. Starling is a self-important Secret Service Agent already seething because, as Ford reminds him, he’s managed to “lose” the President on their first day out. For the most part, Starling conceals his disdain for Harding. He’s intimidated by only one person, “The Duchess”, Harding’s wife, whoexpects obedience from Starling and Harding.



by David Lindsay-Abaire
Dir: Rob Ruggiero

1st reh: 5/24/16. Runs: 6/16 - 7/9

Hilarious/heartrending play about teenager with rare condition causing her body to age faster than it should.


Rugged, mid-late 30s; Kimberly’s dad. Very “blue-collar”. A nice guy - but has issues with alcoholism. Problems coping with life; emotionally handicapped. There is a warmth & appealing child-like quality about him.

Very pregnant; mid-late 30s; Buddy’s wife/Kimberly’s mom. Extremely needy & very dependent. Hypochondriac. Very emotionally handicapped. A lot to handle. Should have solid comic skills.

Awkward, unpopular 16-year-old boy; outsider of sorts. VERY smart; kinda nerdy. Kimberly’s friend. (NOTE: Very important that he be believably 16 years old, though emotionally a bit “mature” for his age.)

Street-tough woman. Early-mid 30s. Ex-con; Pattie’s sister, Kimberly’s Aunt. Bit crazy & vivid in personality. Shrewd & scheming. Very persuasive; quirky.


Music: Joel Waggoner. Book/Lyrics: Eric Price
Dir: Marc Bruni
1st reh: 4/26/16. Runs: 5/18 - 6/11

New musical about family of stage magicians living under same roof for first time in years. 3 generations of illusionists— 2 women who love all of them—must face the past, learn to co-exist, & reconcile what is truth & illusion in their lives.
For all roles except Arthur experience with sleight-of-hand & stage magic definite plus, but not required.


55-70, Male, Baritone, A2-F#4
Old man with youthful glimmer in eyes. Conjurer, prestidigitator, gentle soul. Has both folksy charm & mystical authority. After recent stroke, is a bit addled. Seamlessly transitions from moments of total control to great vulnerability. When doing magic, is at his very best. Mary’s father, Michael’s grandfather, Lance’s ex-father-in-law.

45-60, Male, Baritone/Bass, G2-F#4 (opt. Ab4)
Once a glamorous rock star illusionist ala David Copperfield. For past 12 years, been a recluse, collecting magician memorabilia, occasionally dreaming of way to launch comeback. Has a commanding presence & bravado, dry sarcasm, & locked deep down a lot of heart. Though largely an absent father, has potential to be a great one.

25-30, Male, Baritenor, Bb2-Bb4
Endurance magician who doesn’t believe in “tricking” audience. Instead, like David Blaine, works to truly accomplish physically impossible things before their eyes. Lance’s son, though not spoken with him in many years. Stubborn, sensitive, & like all magicians, usually smartest one in the room.

20-30, Female, Contemporary Mix/Belt Soprano, G3 – belt up to F5
Aspiring magician. Lance’s live-in housekeeper/assistant. Maintains Lance’s impressive collection of artifacts from history of magic; adores them just as much as he does. Beautiful, funny, quirky. Frustrated she’s not a magician herself—yet.

45-60, Female, Mezzo, F3-E5, belt up to C5/D5
Lance’s ex-wife, Sheldon’s daughter, Michael’s mother. Former magician’s assistant. Sophisticated, glamorous. Dry sense of humor, some obsessive qualities, & more than little overprotectiveness for people she loves. Now works in corporate world and tries to care for her ailing father. Bemory of her previous life in magic hasn’t completely burned out.

40-50, Male, Bb2-F#4
Lance’s brother. Travel agent; always has new get-rich-quick scheme (some pretty good). Combination of used car salesman and vaudevillian. Beneath wheeling & dealing is a lot of love for family. Is a great schmoozer; wears Hawaiian shirts year-round. No magic experience necessary!


Untitled Bounty Hunter Project
Music/Lyrics: Joe Iconis. Book: Joe Iconis, Lance Rubin, & Jason SweetTooth Williams
Dir: Leah Gardiner
Choreo: Jeffrey Page
1st reh: 7/19/16. Runs: 8/12 - 9/3

Inspired by Exploitation movies of the 70’s and 80’s (Blaxploitation, Kung Fu, etc.). Score heavy in R&B & Funk (and splash of 80’s Rock & Roll). Follows Annie as she tries to find the inner-strength she needs to save theater itself and realize her true badass identity as Annie Golden: Bounty Hunter.


ROLE CAST (starring Annie Golden).

40s-60s. Male, African-American. Baddest-ass bounty hunter in whole damn show, very much evocative of Shaft. Magnetic, commanding, with dry sense of humor. Starts out tough & icy, but eventually see softer side. Think Isaac Hayes, Fred Williamson, Samuel L. Jackson. Must have fabulous, robust voice (Tenor or Baritone works) and comfortable singing R & B / Soul.

40s-70s. Male, Asian. Head of bounty hunting headquarters; Annie’s mentor. Evokes Kung Fu’s Master Po or Karate Kid’s Mr. Miyagi. Wise, strange, mythic. Very much lives in world of Shaw Brothers Kung Fu films, but see moments where his armor breaks down & he exposes himself to be a real, passionate man. Must have strong voice (Tenor preferable) & comfortable singing both legit material & R & B / Rock.

50s-60s. Male, Caucasian. Target of Annie’s bounty hunt. Ran away to South America to escape massive debts. Charming, manipulative, sleazy, handsome, intimidating, charismatic slime ball. Sweet one moment, cruel the next. Makes Billy Flynn look like Jean Valjean. Must be fantastic singer (Baritone or Tenor works) & comfortable singing both legit material and R & B/Rock-inflected stuff. Great dancer a plus (but then again, isn’t it always?), comedic genius a must.

30s-40s. Female, African-American. Sienna: One of Shiro’s main bounty hunters. Confidently sexy, funny, chatty, badass. Skeptical of Annie’s bounty-hunting abilities. Madame: perky, (seemingly) friendly. Is actually the evil head mistress of army of murderous prostitutes. Think Nichelle Nichols in Truck Turner. Must have strong comedic ability and fabulous, strong voice. High belting, riffing, all of that. Should be comfortable singing R & B / Soul / Rock. (Alto.) Great dancer a plus.

30s-40s. Male, Non-White. Filipe: one of Shiro’s main bounty hunters. Tough as nails, but with slight goofy quality. Jungle Junkie: drugged-out dude Annie & Lazarus encounter in South America. Any voice type. Should be comfortable riffing & singing R & B / Soul / Rock. (Baritone/Tenor.) Great dancer, tapping a plus. Ability with gymnastics/fighting/karate a plus.

20s. Female, Non-White. Cortnie: Young, sparkly actress just out of college; ready to take on the world. Think every sparkly, annoying, musical theater ingénue ever. Indigo: free-spirited bounty hunter, both groovy & deadly. Should be comfortable singing R & B / Soul / Rock. (Soprano or Alto works.) Great dancer, tapping a plus. Ability with gymnastics/fighting/karate a plus.

20s-30s. Female, African-American. Janessa: prostitute that Annie & Lazarus encounter in South America. Seductive, scary, intimidating, a huge presence with a very confident sex appeal. Superbad lady version of Audrey II. Claudine: no-nonsense slap-you-upside-the-head-soon-as-look-at-you bounty hunter. Strong comedic ability. Should be comfortable singing R & B / Soul / Rock. (Alto Belter.) Great dancer, tapping a plus. Ability with gymnastics/fighting/karate a plus.

Late 30s-40s. Male, Non-White. Director: Slick Broadway director in classic 70s/80s film mode. Think Keith David in Requiem for a Dream, John Glover in Scrooged. Jimmy P: hot-wired Bounty Hunter. Think David Patrick Kelly in everything. Should be comfortable singing R & B / Soul / Rock. (Baritone or Tenor works.) Great dancer, tapping a plus. Ability with gymnastics/fighting/karate a plus

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