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BANYAN THEATER COMPANY SUMMER 2013 - Banyan Theater Company Auditions

Posted: February 23, 2013

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Banyan Theater Company Summer 2013– EPAs by Appointment in FL
(Sarasota, FL) SPT 7- $434/week
Rehearsals/Productions June 4, to August 25th, 2013
Rehearsals/ Performances at Florida State University PAC

EPAs by Appointment
Monday, March 11, 2013at the Florida State University PAC
AND 5555 No. Tamiami Trail
Monday, March 18, 2013Sarasota, FL

10 AM to 4 PM each day

Call for appointment 941-351-1277. AEA members without appointments will be seen as time permits.
Bring picture and resume, stapled together.
Prepare a brief monologue

Summer Season includes:

by Tina Howe
(Rehearsal June 4th Production 6/27 to 7/14)


FANNIE-A Bostonian from a fine old family, in her 60a.

GARDNER-Her husband, an eminent New England poet, in his 70a. This role has been cast and we are seeking back up status.

MARGARET –Their daughter, a painter, in her early 30a.

by Gerald Sibleyras/ trans. Stoppard.
(rehearsal June 25th production July 18th to 8/4

Seeking 3 men to play the following residents in an old soldiers’ home:

HENRI- Elderly, 70a plus War veteran with a gammy leg.

GUSTAVE, Elderly 70a, War veteran, suffers from agoraphobia (fear of crossing open spaces).

PHILIPPE,Elderly 70a, War veteran, passes out because of shrapnel in his brain.

by Donald Margulies
(rehearsal July 16th; Production 8/8 to 8/25.


SARAH, 30a early 40a, a photojournalist. Injured in foreign land, on crutches, facial scars. Bright, inquisitive.

JAMES, 30a early 40a, a freelance journalist /foreign correspondent.

RICHARD, 55, a photo editor, charming, attracted to younger women.

MANDY, 25, an event planner, vivacious, early pregnancy.

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