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AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS **Updated** - 45th Street Theatre Auditions

Posted: February 26, 2013

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AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS – Equity Principal Auditions
Producer: YOW Time LLC (NYC) Off Broadway A, $555/week minimum
Playwright: Mark Brown, Based on the novel by Jules Verne
Director: Rachel Klein
Producer: YOW Time LLC
GM: Aaron Grant
Casting: Daryl Eisenberg Casting
Rehearsals Begin: week of April 1, 2013. Previews begin: week of May 6.
Opens: week of May 6 at the 45th Street Theatre (open ended run)

Equity Principal Auditions
Monday March 4, 2013at Shetler Studios
10 AM – 6 PM244 West 54th St, Penthouse 2, NYC
Lunch 1:30 to 2:30 Take elevator to 12th floor.
NOTE: enter/line up at 244 W.54 ONLY (not 250 W. 54)

Prepare a brief comedic monologue under 2 minutes. Bring a picture/resume, stapled together.

SYNOPSIS: A Fun Frolic. A Fantastic Update of the Visionary classic. To win a bet, Phileas Fogg and his acrobatic sidekick Passepartout must circle the globe and return to London inside of 80 days. Unknowingly pursued by a tireless detective convinced Fogg is a robber on the run, the fast-minded, fleet-footed pair traverse 4 continents and 3 oceans in a while-knuckled sprint. Phileas Fogg is the Victorian action hero.

NOTE: All actors must be versatile, well-trained at dialects/accents, and excel at improvisation! All characters, other than FOGG, play multiple roles and must have strong physical and comic versatility.

FOGG:30-50 year old male. Actor 5. A London gentleman circumnavigating the globe in 80 days. He is determined to win, no matter the obstacle. Charming with a quiet reserve.

CAPTAIN SPEEDY and others:late 20s-40s year old male. Actor 1. A man of many faces. Bouncing with energy.

DETECTIVE FIX and others:late 20s-40s year old male. Actor 2. A dogged Scotland Yard detective. Brawn over brains every time.

PASSEPARTOUT and others:late 20s-50 year old male. Actor 3. Fogg’s resourceful sidekick servant. Strong comedic actor. Light tumbling (with a strong handstand) required.

AUODA and others:20s-40 year old female. Actor 4. Our only female of the ensemble. Damsel, yes. Distress, no.

If unable to attend EPA, please email picture/resume, Subject Line: 80 DAYS [INSERT ROLE HERE]

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