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A SPLINTERED SOUL - Showcase Auditions

Posted: July 27, 2011

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A SPLINTERED SOUL– Photo / Resume Request

Producer: Arla Productions & Rosalind Productions Inc (NYC)

Showcase Code, approval pending; $1000 stipend

Writer: Alan Lester Brooks

Director: Daisy Walker

Casting Director: Judy Bowman

1strehearsal: 9/19/11. Runs: 10/20 - 11/13/11

NYC auditions will be held on an upcoming date TBD, by appointment only.

For consideration, mail picture and resume to:

Judy Bowman Casting

140 Cabrini Blvd #10

New York, NY 10033

Attn: A Splintered Soul Submission

SUMMARY: A group of Jewish refugees from Poland move to San Francisco in 1947 to be cared for by American Jews. Haunted by the death of their loved ones, they are haunted more by what they did to survive. The refugees create their own rules, which begin to cause problems for their benefactors. Rabbi Kroeller, a resistance fighter who lost his family, makes it his mission to protect the survivors at all costs. But he discovers right versus is more complicated in the new world, when he takes the law into his own hands and catastrophe ensues.

NOTE: Many of these characters are Polish-Jewish immigrants. For some, the accent is stronger than others. Please submit if you or your client can do an authentic Polish or Eastern European accent.


Rabbi Simon Kroeller:

Male. (mid 40s-late 50s) Lead. A Holocaust survivor from Poland. Charismatic, smart, witty, charming, but has soul, depth, and gravitas. A powerful man, who is struggling to find his way in the new world after his experiences in the old world, looking for a replacement for his lost family. Tries to do what is right. Might speak with a slight accent.

Judge Martin Levinsky:

Male (late 40s-late 50s) Lead. American-born, a straight shooter, the voice of reason. Leader in the Jewish community and the only Jewish judge in San Francisco.

Very learned and respected. Basically a kind and decent man who follows the rules, the voice of American ideals and the new world. At times a superior manner, somewhat a dandy. No accent required.


Female. (18+to play late teens,18/19—on stage) Beautiful, vulnerable, seemingly very innocent, Jewish, has survived the war. In reality, manipulative and devious. Tough minded and focused on objective. **Polish dialect required. Please submit Polish and Eastern European actors.


Female. (early-mid 30s) Lead. Beautiful and tough…tremendous depth. Actress with great chops required. Inside, she is truly kind and caring, but has learned to survive on instinct. A holocaust survivor, she arrives in America looking for a new life. Is already a woman, not a ‘girl’. Not to be pitied—she is injured, but healing. **Polish dialect a plus, but not required. Please submit Polish and Eastern European actors.


Male. (late 30s)

SOL:arrogant and gruff. A wise-ass, likes to argue and be outrageous: great sense of humor. Brings energy whenever he appears. Has learned to survive using the law of the jungle and is ready to admit to this. Damaged from the war, he is without faith and will do whatever is necessary to survive. Might speak with a slight accent.

LEO:is American-born, upright, sensitive, caring and paternal, established member of society , respected businessman. The opposite of SOL.


Male. (early 30s)

MORDECHAI:Sweet, shy, sensitive young man. Trying to leave his past behind. Good heart. The peace maker. Basically optimistic, seeking a family. A bit naïve. Might speak with a slight accent.

JAN:A soldier for the resistance. Trying to do his job along side Simon, his leader. A civilian trying to be a soldier, but challenged by the violence.


Male. (20s to play late teens,18/19—on stage) . Handsome with a temper.

HAROLD:Elisa’s brother and co-conspirator. A young Jewish man who has survived the war. Has a sense of self-righteousness. Smooth but not the brains behind the scheme. Elisa is clearly the leader of this duo.

LEADER: A soldier for the resistance. Non-Jewish, authoritative, a bit of a philosopher, can be ruthless.**Polish dialect required. Please submit Polish and Eastern European actors.

Countess Minassi/Sadie/Sarah:

(late 40s-50s)

COUNTESS:Polish-born, educated in England. Helps the Jewish community with passion, success, and zeal. Regal, upper-class. Also

SADIE:American born, a gossip, society lady, a perfectionist, know it all who thinks of herself as helpful.

SARAH: Simon’s dead wife who returns as a ghost in his mind. She is Simon’s support and is his steady rock. Caring, warm and wise. She is the voice of faith and support.

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