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A CHRISTMAS STORY and THREE VIEWINGS - New Repertory Theatre Auditions

Posted: June 28, 2011

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– Equity Principal Auditions by


New Repertory Theatre Watertown MA NEAT (salary level pending; currently $350/week minimum).

Managing Dir: Harriet Sheets

Shows run at the Arsenal Center for the Arts in Watertown, MA,

Equity Principal Auditions by


Friday, July 15, 2011 Arsenal Center for the Arts

10 AM – 2 PM321 Arsenal Street

Watertown, MA 02472

For an

appointment,call Bridget Kathleen O’Leary at 617/923-7060, x204 (M–F, 10–6). Equity Members without appointments will be seen throughout the audition session as time permits.

Five-minute appointments. Each Equity Member has a minimum of three minutes to audition. Please prepare material of your choice (including, if you wish, selections from these plays). For those who wish to perform a scene, a reader will be available. Please be prepared to state your starting and stopping places. Scripts are available at StageSource, 88 Tremont St., Boston.

Please bring a picture and resume, stapled together.

All roles are available unless otherwise specified. No understudies are being cast. All roles are available for non-traditional casting.


A CHRISTMAS STORY Adapted/written by Philip Grecian. Dir: Diego Arciniengas. 1st reh: 11/18/11. Runs 12/11–12/24.


30s-40s. Ralphie’s adult self. Reminisces, overcome with holiday nostalgia for the enormity of his childhood. Speaks with the seriousness of an adult about the all-important trivialities of his youth, the combination of which is the source of the play’s charm.

The Old Man:

40s. Ralphie’s father. A man of thrift and proud of it, with a philosophy or complaint about anything. He’s the King of his castle, with an impressive lexicon of curse words, and somewhat diluted sense of adventure and intellectual prowess.


Late 30s-40s. Ralphie’s mother. Maternal and a tad over-protective, most especially with Randy. Quietly intelligent, she is practiced in her husband’s typical-male habits and does her best to indulge him.

Miss Shields:

30s-50s. Ralphie’s class teacher. An old-fashioned and practiced air in her classroom.


40s–60s. The town’s department-store Santa. The jolly air is repetitive and disingenuous.


6. Ralphie’s little brother. Monosyllabic, pampered, humorously helpless, and too young to understand the importance of Ralphie’s adventures.


9. One of Ralphie’s best friends. Quick to make his point with a punch, he’s the instigator of a number of problems in his group.


9. One of Ralphie’s best friends. The frequent punching bag of Schwartz, nursing a constantly sore arm, and often the scapegoat of plots gone wrong and the town bully, Scut Farkas.

Scut Farkas:

11-13. The merciless town bully, and object of absolute terror for the third grade class.

Helen Weathers:

9. The brain of her third grade class.

Esther Jane:

9. Helen’s friend. Has an eye for Ralphie.


20s–40s. A caricatured gang of robbers.

Black Bart:

30s-40s. The leader of the desperados. Defeated by Sheriff Ralphie, but vows revenge.


15–20s. Passerby who admires The Old Man’s prize lamp.


20s–30s. Santa’s helper, shuttling the children along the Santa line.

Ralphie Parker:

CAST. Auditioning performers will be considered as possible replacements, should any become necessary. Age 9. The epitome of the delusional nine-year-old, constantly living in his own fantasies of greatness, on a quest for his dream Christmas present.

Black Box:

THREE VIEWINGSby Jeffrey Hatcher. Director: Jim Petosa. 1st reh: 11/8/11. Runs 11/27–12/18.


Man, 40s-50s. The funeral director. Timid, obsessive, kind. Desperately in love with a real estate agent in town.


Woman, 30s-40s. Woman with an edge. Independent and forceful. Uses her wit to hide her past.


Late 50s - mid 70s. Pleasant, conversational. Re-tells how she finds herself unequipped for business after her husband’s death.

Theatre’s mailing address: New Repertory Theatre, 200 Dexter Avenue, Watertown , MA 02472

Theatre states that the Arsenal Center is accessible by major routes and the #70 bus.

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