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A CHRISTMAS MEMORY - Laguna Playhouse Auditions

Posted: October 2, 2013

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A Christmas Memory - P/R Request L.A. Audition

Laguna Playhouse|Laguna, CA

Send To
The Laguna Playhouse
P.O. Box 4049
Laguna Beach CA92652

LORT Non-Rep
Minimum $788/wk

Actors for A Christmas Memory at Laguna Playhouse.

Other Dates
First audition tentatively forThursday 10/10/13in Los Angeles
First rehearsal11/12/13
First Preview12/03/13
Opening Night December12/07/13

Ann Wareham Producer/Artistic Director
Nicholas DeGruccio Director
Wally Ziegler Casting Director

Deadline for submission:Friday, October 11, 2013.


SOOK FAULK: female, 45-65 Chidlike and emotional, full of life and good will, wearing her heart on her sleeve. E (below middle C) to B above middle C. She has one high E, which is half spoken, half sung.

BUDDY FAULK: male, early 30's A successful Manhattan writer with a poetic soul, currently at an emotional and professional crossroads. A to high E. He has a couple of high A flats, but with ensemble, not as solo notes.

JENNIE FAULK: female, 45-65 Sook's domineering spinster sister, confident she knows what's right for everyone in her family. A flat to C # She has one high G with ensemble.

ANNA STABLER: female, 35-50 The Faulks' housekeeper with a sharp sense of humor and a strong sense of self. G (below middle C) to high E. Multi-Ethnic (African/Spanish/Cherokee).

*SEABON FAULK: male, 45-65 Brother to Sook and Jennie, a timid bachelor who still dreams of a bigger life. A (below middle C) to high F.

*Also plays HAHA JONES, owner of the nightclub outside of town, a frightening presence and the subject of local gossip.

*Also plays FARLEY WOOD, the postman who knows everybody's business.

*Also plays DELIVERY MAN.

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