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The World Turned Upside Down written by Steven Young at Bishop Arts Theatre Center


5/19/2017 - 5/20/2017


Bishop Arts Theatre Center

215 South Tyler Street
Dallas,TX 75208

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Phone: 214-948-0716

The World Turned Upside Down written by Steven Young in Dallas

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The song The World Turned Upside Down played in 1781 as English Lieutenant Major Cornwallis’s troops officially surrender to the Continental Army at Yorktown in the battle for American Independence. A host of French, American, German and English troops and diplomats turn the world upside down as they comically collide bungling international diplomacy. Caught in the middle, a group of wisecracking English POW’S circumvents the system as they plot their escape. American history meets Hogan’s Heroes in this new commissioned comedy by Steven Young.

Ages: Appropriate for young audiences

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