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BWW Blog: Where Are They Now?

Is life “ruff” for the animals who used to work on Broadway?

BWW Blog: Where Are They Now?

Welcome back to another article, friends. Updates from the month of February: I have spent most of my spare time engaging in fruitless efforts to convince my parents to get a dog despite the fact that I am not home nor can I take care of said dog. I've been meaning to take them to the wonderful event that is Broadway Barks, but COVID squashed those plans so I will instead flood their text message feeds with pictures from Petfinder.

For those of you who don't know, Broadway Barks is essentially a giant showcase for adoptable animals that's held in Shubert Alley every July. It's attended by hundreds and hosted by legendary animal lover Bernadette Peters. Come for the Broadway stars, stay for the adoptable cuties, leave because the smell of fur lingers for a week and a half after it's over.

Of course, with all this talk of animals prompts a theatrical question: Do you ever sit back and wonder what happened to the animals who star on Broadway? Nope, me neither... until now. I'm no expert in the lives of the canines, felines, and other species who have tread the boards, but I can make some educated guesses.

Former Sandies in Annie have a specific affinity for redheads and bald men. Most dogs get overly excited when their owner says the word "walk;" former Sandy's hear "tomorrow" and try to harmonize with you.

Though the Darlings may have learned to fly, Nana from Peter Pan has remained decidedly earthbound since her stint on the Great White Way. Mr. and Mrs. Darling ended up revoking all babysitting duties after she essentially let the Boy Who Never Grew Up kidnap three children. The one downside to this is that human sitters don't take dog treats as payment.

Legally Blonde 's Bruiser Woods got into a nasty Twitter debate with the show's critics and is now suing for defamation. He didn't go to Harvard Law for nothing.

After his spectacular run as the titular groundhog in Groundhog Day 's Broadway bow, Punxsutawney Phil went back to his day job as a meteorological consultant for MSNBC, because one day a year of predicting the next six weeks doesn't pay the bills. Unfortunately his weather predicting methods have their limitations. The network pulled his contract when he said there would be six more weeks of winter in August.

The cats from Cats are all currently in hiding because James Corden and company smeared their good name in the 2019 movie remake. Me-ouch. For some reason I thought the Cats movie came out in 2020, which would have explained a whole lot.

And so the list goes on. While there may be many talented animals who have tread the boards, I cannot write an article about them without giving a shoutout to their fantastic trainers. They do an amazing job of teaching our furry friends how to sit, stay, and even speak on command in front of crowds of thousands every day. Now, if only my human actors were that well behaved. Woof!

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