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1959 Pink Thunderbird show poster

1959 Pink Thunderbird at Palos Village Players

Dates: (2/23/2024 - 3/2/2024 )


Palos Village Players

8901 W 123rd St, Palos Park, IL
Palos Park,IL 60647


Phone: 877.PVP.TIX

Tickets: $25.00 Adult/$23 Senior/Student

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The Palos Village Players Present a Riveting Double Feature: “1959 Pink Thunderbird," Showcasing "Laundry and Bourbon," and "Lone Star" by James McLure.

As the lights come up on the Palos Village Players' rendition of James McLure's "1959 Pink Thunderbird," featuring the one-act plays "Laundry and Bourbon" and "Lone Star" (both under the direction of Lisa Glatz with assistant direction by Ray Misischia), the audience is transported to a 1970s Texas back porch. Here, amidst the folding of laundry and the clinking of whisky glasses, three women's stories come to life. Elizabeth (Avery Cole, Chicago) yearns for the man her husband once was, while Hattie (Isabel Anderson, Chicago), a high school friend with a razor-sharp tongue and infectious humor, engages in spirited banter with the ever-vibrant Amy Lee (Jill Jeffrey), a busy-body Baptist and country club queen. Director Lisa Glatz emphasizes, "Laundry and Bourbon doesn't hold back. It lays bare the struggles of women dealing with betrayal, love, and the complexities of domestic life." This play serves as a prequel, unfolding just days or perhaps hours before the events of "Lone Star."

In "Lone Star," the setting shifts to behind Angel’s bar in Maynard, Texas. Roy (Brad Shortridge, Dekalb), a former high school hero, recently returned after a stint in Vietnam.

He is joined by his admiring but dimwitted brother Ray (Riley Shortridge, Dekalb) as they swill on beer and talk about the good ol’ days. Cletis Fullernoy (Bryan Riess), former class nerd turned successful businessman, stirs up some trouble of his own. Assistant Director Ray Misischia says, “This show requires quick wit and good timing; our actors deliver and add their own take on a play that premiered off-Broadway decades ago.” It’s a funny and bitter tale of drinking, deceit, and desperation you won’t soon forget.
The show is produced by Dana Hall (Orland Park), and Robin Jost (Homer Glen). Hall says, “There’s nothing like live theatre, and we are fortunate to have the support of the Southside.” PVP President Sarah Callis shares that this show was initially set to be directed by a beloved member of the Palos community and long-time Palos Village Player  Len Wcislo, “The community lost a great man, and we lost a dear friend and leader, our season is dedicated in his memory.”
Don't miss this exceptional theatrical event, a dual presentation of two remarkable plays that showcase the depth and breadth of McLure's storytelling legacy.

Show dates:
February 23rd at 7:30pm, 24th at 7:30pm, 25th at 2:00pm
March 1st at 7:30 pm, & 2nd at 7:30 pm.

Palos Park Recreation Center
8901 W 123rd Street, Palos Park
For tickets available at or by calling (877)PVP-TIXS
Free parking. 


Ages: Mature Content, Adult Language

Palos Village Players Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Palos Village Players is at 8901 W 123rd St, Palos Park, IL, Palos Park, IL.

Palos Village Players is at 8901 W 123rd St, Palos Park, IL, Palos Park, IL.

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