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BWW Blog: Rebecca and Yanniv of Riverdale Rising Stars' ZOMBIE PROM! - It's Fun to Stay at the YM-YWHA

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Hey everyone and welcome to the first installment of our blog! First off, a little bit about us.

We are Rebecca (15) and Yanniv (16) and we will be hosting your whirlwind trip through the rehearsal process of the Riverdale Rising Stars' upcoming production of Zombie Prom!

You might be thinking, "what qualifications do these two random High School kids from Riverdale have to be writing a theatre blog?"

Well, we will have you know that Yanniv has been featured on the well loved Hamilton snapchat, HAMILCHAT, making "hamilfriends," has walked on the Belasco Theater stage, has had the Patti LuPone sing two inches from his face in a small school in Baltimore, MD, and experienced the Sutton sass when he saw Violet (she stopped the show because of a rude audience member--details to come).

Rebecca has run into Sutton Foster at dinner while stressing about being late to the show she was starring in, Anything Goes, feels like she knows Seth Rudetsky and Christine Pedi on a personal level due to the amount of time she spends listening to Sirius XM On Broadway and could sing the whole score of Curtains (favorite character: Carmen Bernstein, was then, is now) at age of seven.

Since words don't really describe us (don't worry, there will be videos later) here is our relationship dynamic as told by our text conversations about the founding of this blog.


Reminiscing about a singular vlog we made last year during Urinetown (which we will dig up for you one day but it really just consists of Rebecca talking and putting on foundation)

We get a little bit too confident about publicity

Yanniv channels his inner Diana Morales

Rebecca has a brilliant idea and Yanniv doesn't like the different spellings of theater/re

And now a little bit about our program. Riverdale Rising Stars was started fifteen years ago by Laurie Walton and has given an incredible creative outlet and home away from home to teens (as well as younger kids and adults) as well as wonderful musicals and play for the community to enjoy. We could not thank her enough for this integral part of the lives of so many teens throughout the years.

Over the course of the time you spend with us we promise to introduce you the crazy cast of characters both onstage and off here at the Riverdale Y.

To our High School readers, this is a chance for you to see how our award-winning teen theatre program compare to your school theatre, community theatre, or performing with a hairbrush microphone in your bedroom (which we do a great deal of...Rebecca's snapchat Hamilton lip-syncs are pretty great)!

And to our older readers who were once High School stars and are now accountants, lawyers, doctors, dentists, or even those who made it to the big time (you rock!) this will be a sort of time machine back to your high school days and you can relive your High School theatre experience through us. Also you get to meet all of the crazies here in RRS and we hope to hear from you guys too!

That's all for now!

Until next time,

Yanniv and Rebecca

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