VIDEO: Trailer - Drew Matthews and More in A CRY FOR JUSTICE

No one likes hearing the phone ring in the middle of the night; it even seems to have a more ominous tone - or maybe it's just the jingling of our nerves as we pick it up. When Jackie Carpenter uneasily answered a call at 2:00 a.m. - she could never have imagined what she was about to hear. This ordinary Atlanta housewife's heart pounded in her chest as she listened to her daughter-in-law hysterically telling her that her son had been arrested and charged with felony murder. This story is chronicled in the film A Cry for Justice. Watch the trailer below!

Jackie's worst nightmare had just become a reality. She knew her son had been plagued by copper thefts at his work site and, on the advice of a policeman, had armed himself and hid on the property to try to catch the thieves. They showed up that night.

A Cry for Justice by Triple Horse Studios is the true story of Jackie's son Jason who was falsely accused of murder after the gun he was holding, to keep The Thieves there until police arrived, accidentally fired killing one of the men. When Jackie hears that the prosecution is seeking a life sentence, her world spins into turmoil; she could never have imagined the nightmare journey ahead in trying to free her son.

Any mother will be able to relate to the roller-coaster ride of emotions that Jackie endured during the long months leading up to the trial, and the white-knuckle suspense as the courtroom drama plays out - all the way to an explosive ending!

With great stars playing the key roles, A Cry for Justice is already gathering awards wherever it's screened. Jackie is played by award-winning actress Francine Locke (of True Tale Monsters fame), and Jason is played by Drew Matthews who recently played in Vampire Diaries. Darrel Ervin plays the role of Jackie's supportive husband.

The compelling story of how this loving mother's life went from near-perfect one day to the depths of despair the next, and how she found the strength to bring her family through the crisis, is expertly captured in this gripping, award-winning movie. This true story of tragedy, trust and triumph will touch the hearts of people everywhere and offer encouragement to anyone facing a personal crisis.

A Cry for Justice is based on Jackie Carpenter's two books: The Bridge: Between Cell Block A and a Miracle is Psalm 91 and Georgia Justice: A Journey to Faith.

Jackie Carpenter has been a featured guest on television, radio, and in newspaper articles. For more information on this author and her miraculous story of faith, hope and love, visit her website at:

VIDEO: Trailer - Drew Matthews and More in A CRY FOR JUSTICE