VIDEO: Sneak Peek - Season Finale of Syfy's DEALS FROM THE DARKSIDE

The season finale of Syfy's DEALS FROM THE DARKSIDE airs Wednesday at 10/9c. Below, get a sneak peek at the episode in which Steve and the team enlist the help of a Blacksmith to try to authenticate an alleged beheading axe. Check out other clips from the series as well!

Syfy delves into the the world of some of the creepiest and most notorious antiques and relics in existence in the new half-hour reality series, "Deals from the Darkside." The 13 episode reality series was acquired from CABLEready.

Jack the Ripper's knife, an executioner's sword, a Titanic deck chair and a piece of the Hindenberg are among the dark relics with which eccentric collector Steve Santini comes face to face in his quest to expand his extensive collection of twisted treasures – many of which are on loan to the National Museum of Crime and Punishment in Washington, DC.

Follow along as Santini, his sidekick Robert "Biker Rob" Duguay and researcher Stef Proctor travel far and wide to call on experts to prove that the artifacts are (or aren't) what they're claimed to be. When Santini isn't driving a hard bargain for the real deal relics, he engages in his other passion – escapology. Santini, who's been dubbed the world's most extreme escape artist by "Ripley's Believe It or Not," works with dangerous materials such as machete blades, power drills and water chambers as he perfects his craft in this most unique of hobbies.

"Deals from the Darkside" is produced by Buck Productions. Executive producers are Sean Buckley and Jim Kiriakakis. Buck Productions is a leading content creation company that has seen success in feature films, television, branded content, documentaries and commercials. Owner and CEO Sean Buckley has cultivated a concept-first culture, where ideas and end-products are paramount.

VIDEO: Sneak Peek - Season Finale of Syfy's DEALS FROM THE DARKSIDE