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Jessy Schram, at the age of 26, has made quite a name for herself on television shows with devoted fan bases: from VERONICA MARS to FALLING SKIES, she has earned the same sort of devout following as the series themselves. And LAST RESORT appears to be no different as she continues to win over viewers as the wife of Sam Kendal (SCOTT SPEEDMAN), Christine.

Schram's breakout role was on VERONICA MARS, playing Hannah Griffith, the girlfriend of bad boy Logan Echolls who occasionally redeems himself, on the series' second season. In addition, she has appeared on ONCE UPON A TIME, LIFE, and AMERICAN PIE: THE NAKED MILE

In addition to acting, the Illinois native is a well-known philanthropist. Working with Corazon De Vida, a non-profit organization supporting Baja orphanages, Schram often travels to Tijuana for medical missions or orphanage visits. In addition she volunteers her time at the Dream Center, a volunteer driven organization that offers rehab for teens and adults, shelter for victims of human trafficking, transitional shelter for homeless families and mobile hunger relief and medical programs.

1) How do you see Christine developing on LAST RESORT as the series unfolds?
She starts out as this dutiful wife to her husband who's on the USS Coloraod, and you, as the viewers, come in and see her hear this news that isn't true - and see her bombarded with information on her husband, and she's not able to decipher what's true or false. When you first see her, she's strong and loyal and in love, but she's beat down. As the show's gone on, she's become strategic and quiet in her own ways, but she has a breaking point, and at that breaking point, she chooses to fight in a way that's gentle but loud. Going forward, she becomes a woman who doesn't just want her husband back - she wants the truth. She wants to get her life back.

2) What originally drew you to LAST RESORT?
Reading the pilot, there's nothing else like it right now on television - especially on ABC and the time slot it's in. It's completely different: it's not just a procedural or a drama or a romance. It's based off finding the truth and trusting your instinct. It's a huge show with a huge, talented cast, and shows what life is like for people when they or their loved ones go away for the service.

3) You've been a part of many TV shows that have gained quite a cult following, such as VERONICA MARS and FALLING SKIES - what's that been like as your career has continued to grow?
"It's been fun. It's been really fun. It's great having the VERONICA MARS fans picking you up at the grocery stores, or at the yoga studio, or on the internet. It's so great. VERONICA MARS was one of my first recurring roles. It was such a great way for me to start off. It's very special to me.

For FALLING SKIES, people fall in love with the show and the characters. It's fun having random people come up and say, 'I love to hate you.' - for Karen. "It's just so great."

4) Last Resort's premise is very timely, and resonates with people who may not fully trust the government at this time - how does it feel to be apart of a show with such a political and social message?
"At first, I was a little bit nervous as to how different people would react. I did a lot of research to try and see how people would actually feel, you know? I really wasn't sure how people who are fighting for our country would react: would they say, "we're fighting for you and you're going against that?"

For me [as Christine], it's about a woman in a man's world, seeing that character for the first time, a wife in her home-world. Seeing how women react in that situation and see how love-lives can keep or be formed during that time is interesting."

5) With your multiple roles on television, how do you manage the time for your humanitarian endeavors?
"I think that that's what keeps me going to tell you the truth. It's not just that I've been given so much - especially in our business. Your time isn't really your own, you're always giving of yourself in a different way. It's all about 'you' to a degree in the Hollywood business. But on the flip-side, helping other people or becoming more aware of everything else that's out there lends to how you live your life everyday. In the acting business, it's so centered around your daily life and your world. To have those experiences opens you up and allows you to connect to other people and what's really going on."

Thank you so much for talking with us for a bit today - the readers and myself can't wait to see how LAST RESORT develops through its first season.
Thank you so much! I really can't wait either.<

On this Thursday's episode of LAST RESORT on ABC, "Another Fine Navy Day," the crew is hit with an attack by an unknown force unlike anything they've seen before. As confusion and aggression take hold, Marcus and Sam can no longer trust their own senses even as they race to save the sub and defend the island, on "Last Resort," THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 8 (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET) on the ABC Television Network.

"Last Resort" stars Andre Braugher as Captain Marcus Chaplin, SCOTT SPEEDMAN as XO Sam Kendal, DAISY BETTS as Lieutenant Grace Shepard, DICHEN LACHMAN as Tani Tumrenjack,DANIEL LISSING as SEAL Officer James King, Sahr Ngaujah as Mayor Julian Serrat, CAMILLE DE PAZZIS as Sophie Girard, Autumn Reeser as Kylie Sinclair, Jessy Schram as Christine Kendal and Robert Patrick as Master Chief Joseph Prosser.

More information on LAST RESORT can be found on the series' official web site.


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