TV Land Star Fran Drescher to Officiate Gay Wedding Ceremony


Emmy-nominated actress Fran Drescher will officiate the marriage of a gay couple using her Universal Life Church Monastery ordination on March 6, 2012, at the XL Nightclub in New York City. The couple was selected through TV Land's "'Love is Love' Gay Marriage Contest." Happily Divorced premieres on Wed, March 7 at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT on TV Land (check your local listings).

Drescher is a long-time advocate of marriage equality and LGBT rights. Drescher had the following things to say about the importance of gay rights in America: "It is our duty to recognize that injustice exists and shift national consciousness to correct that injustice. Marriage equality is our opportunity to uphold our constitutional values, to stretch beyond our comfort zone and mature into a better version of ourselves. It is only by example that we may continue to be a beacon of freedom for the rest of the world."<

Drescher went through the Universal Life Church Monastery to obtain the means to legally perform the wedding ceremony in New York City and across the US as well. The ULC Monastery has previously ordained celebrity ministers such as Conan O'Brien and Jason Segel.

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