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SPOILER ALERT! Recap and Review: THE VOICE Says Goodbye to Three Singers, 12/Full Results!

Tonight is a big night for THE VOICE as Carson Daly will mercilessly eliminate three aspiring superstars; not cool Daly, not cool. As I alluded to in my recap from last night, the rapid elimination of contestants on this show is one of the many reasons that it continues to trail far behind AMERICAN IDOL in terms of entertainment value and audience-competitor connection, despite the fact that THE VOICE continues to lap AI in terms of talent.

The agonizing buildup through the Battle and Knockout Rounds leaves little time to build an affinity to any particular singer, because you are saying goodbye to nearly half of the contestants every week. So by the time we get down to eliminating only two or three per week, we just don't feel anything for the competitors beyond their singing ability.

That being typed, I will continue to be incredibly annoyed if my fellow Americans insist on eliminate far more talented artists, while Instantly Saving singers far more suited for a featured role at Madame Tussauds than on TV's most popular singing show.

Below are my current rankings, including the Bottom-Three that should (but probably won't) be eliminated this week. The Top-4, in my opinion, are incredibly close, and how they perform over the final weeks of the competition should determine the eventual champion. I have Chris at the top now, because he is a young, humble, cute guy who can sing his butt off, and that is generally what THE VOICE voters like. What do you think?

1) Chris Jamison
2) Craig Wayne Boyd
3) DaNica Shirey
4) Damien
5) Matt McAndrew
6) Luke Wade
7) Taylor John Williams
8) Ryan Sill

Tonight's show will also see THE VOICE alumni RaeLynn and Christina Grimmie perform, a trend that I hope IDOL takes note of and employees more of in the coming season, as AI has a far deeper bench of talent than THE VOICE.

Christina Grimmie Performance
"With Love"
Three-Word Review: She didn't win?

RaeLynn Performance
Song: "God Made Girls"
Three-Word Review: Genro-Country-Pop

As Carson alluded to, three VOICE artists hit iTunes Top-10. The Matt McAndrew's performance of Damien Rice's "The Blower's Daughter" was #2, "Royals" by Taylor John Williams is #7, and Damien's "Someone Like You" is #9.

Advancing to Top-5 (in order of announcement)
Matt McAndrew
Taylor John Williams
Craig Wayne Boyd

Random Realization: The first three saved weren't a surprise, based on the iTunes results, but that really stinks, because that means that some combination of Craig, DaNica, and Chris (or all three) will be going home tonight; long before they should. I have been underwhelmed by Matt and Taylor John nearly every week, but clearly the rest of 'Murica doesn't agree with me. I'm just hoping that all three of Craig, DaNica, and Chris aren't eliminated tonight.

In Danger
Chris Jamison
DaNica Shirey
Luke Wade
Ryan Sill

DaNica Instant Save Performance
"I'd Rather Go Blind" by Etta James
Three-Word Review: A Bit Underwhelming

Luke Instant Save Performance
"Stand By Me" by Ben E. King
Three-Word Review: Forgot Lyrics AGAIN?

Ryan Instant Save Performance
"Heaven" by Bryan Adams
Three-Word Review: Vanilla Karaoke Drivel

Chris Instant Save Performance
"Georgia On My Mind" by Ray Charles
Three-Word Review: Instant Save NOW!

My Instant Save Recommendation: #VoiceSaveChris "Georgia On My Mind" was not a song that I thought would have been in Chris' wheelhouse, but he clearly delivered the only impactful Instant Save performance. There is no doubt that he is a star, and he very easily could win.

Instant Save
Chris Jamison
Finally America, I don't hate you this week after the Instant Save. I am sure that will help you sleep better at night.

Luke Wade
DaNica Shirey
Ryan Sill

Let me know what you thought of this week's eliminations in the comments below, or on Twitter @BWWMatt.

Photo Credit: Trae Patton | NBC

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