Netflix Reacts to ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK Cancellation Hoax

Netflix Reacts to ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK Cancellation Hoax

Cancellation reports for Netflix's Orange is the New Black began to circulate around the internet on Friday, July 11. The rumors began with an article that was posted to Empire News- a satirical news site. Many mistook the publication as fact.

The article read, "According to inside sources, a private fued between Netflix co-founder Hastings and show creator Jenji Kohan came to a head after Hastings insisted to Kohan that there be more male leads in the show. Kohan became infuriated with the idea, being that it would stray from the memoir written by the real life character Piper Kerman, around whom the show is based."

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The article even went so far as to quote Hastings, saying, "We regret to inform Netflix members that Orange is the New Black has been permanently cancelled. Also, starting September 1st, 2014, past episodes will no longer be available for streaming on Netflix."

However, if readers continued to the end, the satirical nature may have become evident as there was another quote supposedly from Hastings that followed: "A woman's place is in the home, in the kitchen, taking care of children. A woman in jail? How does anyone even watch this show in the first place? It's like we took everything bad about OZ, and make this show with the leftovers."

Netflix responded to assure users that it was all a hoax. On July 12 @OITNB posted the picture above and tweeted, "Orange Is The New Black has NOT been canceled. Whoever started this rumor will be spending some time in the SHU."